6 Best Apps for Gardeners & Naturalists


Gardening is a soul-soother, it’s enriching and a way of connecting with nature. But not everyone has a keen eye for planting and landscaping. It needs practicing acumen in the field of farming to nurture plants, as they are also  living entities.

With the list of the following hand-picked apps, keen naturalists and gardeners can turn their experience even more pleasurable.

1. My Lawn

This app is available on iOS and Android platforms and includes easy-to-understand plans that are easy to follow while taking care of the flora in your garden or farm. The app recommends alterations based on the input you feed about the lawn size, location, and climate. It alerts you when it is time to feed and water the plants. Users can even carve a custom care plan for their lawn or garden.

2. Growlt!

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It enables users to share pictures of the plants with other growers which in turn proves an advantageous feature as you get recommendations from experienced growers for your pest-infested plants. It also shares information on the growing procedures for different plants and also helps you with preparing your soil for optimum growth.

3. iScape

This amazing tool lets you design your lawn, garden or porch with virtual flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs as per your liking.  There are 2D and 3D designs that you can put on your lawn by clicking its picture. Once you feel that you are set to go, then you can get started on your project.

4. FlowerChecker

This app lets you identify plants, moss, lichen, and fungi by uploading its picture. The uploaded picture is reviewed by a team of experts who tell the exact identity of the plant. This app comes at a one time cost and users can pay a small fee  for per plant identification.

5. Garden Answers

This app incorporates an advanced image recognition technology that identifies plants. So unlike FlowerChecker, this app doesn’t take the help of experts. All you have to do is to snap a picture and submit it to get detailed information about a plant instantly. However, experts can be roped in if you want specific questions and recommendations regarding gardening.

6. SmartPlant

Users can watch videos, view images and learn about care tips and tricks for your plants in the library section.

The app is free with occasional instances when a user is provided access to premium features like expert advice.

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