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6 Best Collaboration Tools For Startups Or Small Businesses

Founding a startup or a small business isn’t easy. Is it? However, you can say good bye to the recurring tasks and make your work a bit easier by using the best collaboration tools!


Startups have new ideas, and there are so many important things to focus on that you can’t keep an eye on every team member every time. But, you can automate the workflow, organize the tasks, and keep track of your remote working team’s progress via collaboration tools.


These are the six best tools small businesses and start-ups can use for real-time collaboration with the teams-



Trello is a web-based project management tool that can help streamline your team’s workflow and keep everything organized. This simple-to-use platform works based on the Kanban approach, i.e., lays out the project tasks visually, like a pinboard.


With this remote work tool, you can set the teams, create boards, fill them with tasks, and assign these tasks to the team members. You can add customized columns to the boards, as needed, such as ‘done,’ ‘in progress,’ ‘planned,’ etc.


The cards carry all the information; you can add labels, checklists, comments, deadlines, comments, feedback, etc. Thus, if you are looking for a collaboration tool to let all your team members know what stage the tasks are in, Trello is an ideal choice! 


It’s free to use for up to 10 team boards, thus one of the best tools for small businesses.



Those start-ups looking for an easy-to-use and affordable presentation tool can depend on Xtensio. It’s a simplified online tool that allows you to create stunning presentations to create a killer impression. 


With the drag-and-drop functionality of this amazing collaboration tool, you can easily customize a page by adding images, videos, files, or other modules. Besides, it provides you with an array of templates you can use for creating compelling documents with minimum efforts.



Zapier is a remote work platform that allows you to automate your workflow by connecting the applications you are already using. As it takes several manual tasks off your hands, it’s an outstanding tool for start-ups and small businesses.


It provides seamless integration with the apps, such as Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads, Google Docs, and many more! You’ll get notified on the Slack whenever someone fills a form on your website. You can upload every Gmail attachment to the cloud service of your choice.


With Zapier, information moves automatically between the web apps so that you can focus on more critical tasks. So, if you are looking for a remote work tool to automate the workflow, Zapier is the way to go!



It’s a fantastic platform for managing project tasks, sorted by filters, or exported. Not only the app allows you to set goals or track the progress, but it also allows you to review the team’s productivity. 


With real-time sync across more than 10 platforms, you can keep your remote working team updated. You can create projects, add tasks, set the deadline, and assign responsibility to each of the team members.


No need to deal with those sticky notes, long status meetings, or email threads. You can collaborate with your team anytime, share files, and discuss the details. Moreover, you can give all your tasks one of the four priority levels so that the most important tasks stand out on the list.



This app allows you to combine, automate, and manage the business processes. It’s a comprehensive platform to break down the silos between the teams and boost the organization’s performance.


Whether you want to manage HR processes, accounting, customer relations, sales, or marketing operations, Zoho can help keep your entire business on track. With out-of-the-box customization tools, integrated apps, and business intelligence services, this tool allows you to take a holistic approach to business software.


You can replace the legacy tools, cloud applications, or other paper-based processes with one operating system for the business.



Wrike is another project management tool for start-ups and small businesses that makes the projects move faster. It’s an organized way to collaborate and work with the remote teams.


All the tasks are managed in real-time, monitored on a Kanban mode, and an interactive Gantt Chart. Also, there are mobile versions available for iOS and Android. So, you can keep track of the team’s progress anytime, anywhere.


The tool guarantees transparency, as it’s possible to check the task statuses in real-time. From design, marketing, and development to project management, you can manage the teams working in different directions with Wrike.




These are some of the tools start-ups, and small businesses can use for seamless collaboration among the teams. Analyze your team needs, your budget, and choose the one that matches your needs best.


Vivek Kumar Singh
Vivek is an avid writer with expertise in different niches, including sports, fitness, fashion, business, and more. Known for his engaging writing style and in-depth knowledge of the latest trends in all industries, Vivek enjoys a decent reader-base.
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