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6 Best Fjords In Norway You Must Visit For Once

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Norway is known to be the undisputed lord of iconic fjords, with more than 1,100 dabbing its enormous coastline. Fjord refers to any limited amount of water from the sea or any steep sides and deep water. You'll discover fjords in this country essentially in any case, when visiting the country. 

However, It is quite simple and various options to visit in any event one of these excellent land highlights for yourself. To save you from the hassle and stress, we've gathered together 12 of Norway's ideal and most sensational fjords. So, all you have to plan your getaway and book emirates airlines flights ticket right away and save up to 30% off on each booking. So, plan your getaway and get ready to unwind at these best Fjords of Norway.


Without a doubt Geirangerfjord, Norway's most popular fjord, and the nation’s most visited destination. It is known to have the Seven Sisters waterfall, which is a mix of seven separate surges of water tumbling from a stature of more than 800ft. Geirangerfjord is listed at UNESCO'S world heritage destinations alongside Nærøyfjord. 

Viewed as any photographer’s dream destination because of its numerous scenic points on the mountain streets close by can be reached by one or the other climbing or cycling. This lovely fjord has additionally been included in numerous films. For example - Frozen 2 and the wave. Geirangerfjord has an exemplary view with its steep sides, old farmsteads, and tumbling waterfalls. Among any fjords, its excellence is the most famous everywhere in the world and probably the best spot to see while in the country 


Located in the region of Sogn og Fjordane in western Norway. Sognefjord is known to have the tones of splendid blue and emerald green featuring its whole region. The steeps are known to be 1.300 kilometers separated and are around 205 kilometers long. Sognefjord is likewise Norway's longest and the deepest fjord, split the fjord country in two, and is considered to be a living gallery. 

With its broad region, Sogneford is an area that houses different communities. So, if you are planning for a getaway off the clamoring city and to relax. Sognefjord is the best spot for that. When visiting this fjord anticipate totally incredible and sensational scene and concealed cultural spots everywhere. 


It is one of the simplest Norwegian fjords to explore and 179 km long. Is Norway's second-longest fjord and stretches inland towards the Hardangervidda National Park. It has tight waterways, forcing glaciers and lavish environmental factors. Easiest to explore via a vehicle where you can skirt along with the fjord's dish and indulge in the viewpoints.

In case you're an outdoor enthusiast, Hardangerfjord offers climbing and hiking opportunities where you can get to the stone formation considered Trolltunga and see the beautiful town of Odda from a superior view. 

With its amazing and mind-blowing small towns, blooming orchards, and stunning waterfalls. Hardangerfjord is the best spot to visit for both kinds of travelers. Such as - a thrill or adventure seeker and ordinary traveler that need to relax. So, plan your trip and visit airlinesmap.com right now and get your flight ticket online at very low and affordable rates.


A 1.5-mile long Trollfjord is situated among Vesterålen and Lofoten islands. One of Norway's most marvelous fjords yet infrequently crowded because of its restricted channel opening up into a huge oval bay and steep mountainsides that has the tones of high contrast because of the dim shade of the stones and the thick snow that surrounds them. 

At the thin passage of Trollfjord, Hurtigruten ship frequently makes a diversion and is viewed as a feature of anybody's Trollforjd journey. 


Located among Storfjord and Sognefjord with and region of 106 square km. Nordjord is perhaps the most famous spot in the country and has a water section of some of Norway's most stunning coastline, mountains, valleys, and glaciers. 

This fjord offers so many activities like - climbing, trekking, hiking, and cycling are likewise offered in Nordforjs yet in case you're not into that, cruising and ski lifts are additionally accessible to get the entire view on this lovely fjord. 

Other than the natural magnificence, the bunch of little towns is likewise one of its striking features. These little towns spotted the fjord's edge making a more emotional and dramatic view. 



All surrounded by the Sunnmøre Alps, Hjørundfjord is one of the most unknown fjords, as well as quite possibly the most available. It has mountains and towns to bring to offer and is known by European sovereignty as the "Royal Route" because of its pleasant and unforgettable viewpoints.

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