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6 Best Places to Work in IT beyond Silicon Valley

While Silicon Valley has been a synonym for high-tech innovation and development for quite a while, many other cities around the globe are embracing the digital revolution and providing fascinating opportunities for the IT crowd.

If you’re tech-savvy and looking to start a new career, to help you narrow down your choices, we’ve selected six best places to work in. 

Some of them can also offer you the lifestyle you’ve always dreamt about.


Berlin is considered the fastest-growing eco-system for IT startups and tech companies. Unlike other great European capital IT hot spots, such as Stockholm and London, Berlin is still relatively cheap, with many great business opportunities for newcomers, both in the city and on the market.

The living expenses are very affordable, and commuting to work takes 23 minutes on average, making it a desirable destination for expats in the IT sector.

As a matter of fact, Berlin has its own Silicon Allee, a community of entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts. This city is a perfect choice for those who, apart from landing a great job, want to experience an edgy cultural scene, known for its cool attitude, freedom and creativity.


Toronto has one of the fastest-growing technology markets and is now hosting some of the leading research in data science and AI. In fact, it is now considered as the fourth largest tech market in North America, with roughly 214,000 tech workers. 

This trendy, young Canadian city is known for its high living standards, low rent costs and metropolitan spirit. Because of its great digital infrastructure and the presence of world-class healthcare and education, Toronto is recognized as one of the top five most desirable cities to live in. With the vibrant and exploding tech industry, no wonder many talented IT specialists are flocking to Toronto to start their careers.


Melbourne is regularly listed among the world’s greatest cities to live in, taking the top spot from 2015 to 2017, and the 2nd in 2018, right after Vienna. This city is Australia’s technology hub, and home to more than half of Australia’s top 20 technology companies. Tech jobs in Melbourne are in high demand, as the city has seen a strong inflow of global investments from international tech giants.

Melbourne is known for its great infrastructure, healthcare and education, and its atmosphere is fueled by the culturally diverse and creative community. Buzzing with cutting-edge arts and culture and all the fun seaside brings, Melbourne is a magnificent city to work and live in.


With its exceptional digital infrastructure, around one-third of European data centers are now based in Amsterdam, making this region one of the best choices for networking and data specialists. The software development scene is also vibrant in Amsterdam, attracting young coding talents from around the world. The city is also an eminent start-up hub, offering some great low-cost office spaces and great professional support networks, such as Appstdeam, for IT specialists with fresh ideas.

Amsterdam enjoys one of the lowest costs of living when compared to other European capitals and is known for its great work-leisure balance. The city almost has a village-like charm, but a strong cosmopolitan spirit. It’s easy to get around Amsterdam, so it doesn’t take long to feel as if you’re at home.


Another European capital, Copenhagen, is known for its progressive trends- clean tech, green tech, Fin-tech are just some of the buzzwords in the Danish IT industry. Copenhagen aims to become the world’s first carbon-emission neutral city, and relies on big data, IoT, intelligent lighting and smart city to support this agenda. With such an atmosphere, the city is a hub for talented IT professionals, as there are always open jobs in the IT industry.

Copenhagen is a green and clean city, and maybe the only city where bikes outnumber cars. With its rich cultural life, many leisure clubs and associations you can grow your networks in, free access to the public healthcare system and high-living standards, 24/7 buses and metro lines, living is really easy in Copenhagen.


Although it’s best known as a financial hub, Singapore is also a technology and information hub in the Asia Pacific, as well as a base for many world’s IT giants. With its “Smart Nation” initiative, launched in 2014 by the government, digital technology is focused on innovations and development in domains such as transportation, home and environment, public sector services, business and productivity, and health and aging. The initiative is encouraging businesses to create impactful technology solutions for challenges in these domains, offering endless opportunities for IT professionals.

Even though it’s one of the most expensive cities to live in, the quality of life Singapore offers is worth every penny, if you share a similar, materialistic mindset. Great transport, healthcare, housing, education, low level of crime are benefits for all those who work hard and can afford it. 

For those of you with great IT skills, who want to start a new career abroad, there is no better time than the present. Consider destinations that fit your criteria the best, and get ready for some job hunting.

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