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6 Best Sports Watches for Men

You can wear oxford shoes with your suit or even style them with a pair of jeans but you won't be able to sprint in them or be able to climb a mountain in them without your feet turning blue. They just don’t work with them, Same goes for watches. Sure, you can wear a fancy watch on a candle lit dinner, but it's definitely not the best fit for rock climbing. This is why you need good sports to watch to pump in all the adrenaline by purposefully dialing in the activity and sporting a watch does not mean you have to go all out on your budget and get the one with the most features packed into it. James of  Spot The Watch has reviewed great yet affordable watches you can check out.

It doesn't matter whether you need a sports watch for an actual sport or you just want to look like an athlete, hey we are not judging but finding a right sports watch will make sure that you look stylish, however, you want to exercise.

These sports watches aren't just watched anymore, they are more likely a mini-computer wrapped around your wrist. This is most true when it comes to sports watches because they can quite literally track down your heart rate, your sleep cycle, your footsteps and your activity rate.

There are a lot of features that you should take into consideration before choosing the right one for you like is it water resistant and the ease of reading time. We have narrowed it down to some of the best sports watches for men. Read on to know which of these matches your exact needs and which one is appropriate for you.

Here are some of the best sports watches for men.


We have to start from classic Timex watches. Not only can they go 100 meters underwater but they also have an astounding might light, which great for late night workout. You can never go wrong with a Timex. It comes in partnership with Ironman Competitions, so they can take a beating.


This watch is an amazing fit if you're one of those people who like downloading things, it can connect to the IQ store which enable you to install your favorite fitness applications. It comes with 12 preloaded sports applications. It keeps track of your daily fitness and notifies when the physical and emotional sources make your stress level rise.


If you are a watch freak and can't go a day without it. it's not possible that you have never owned a Casio. Casio has developed a very good reputation which ensures us that the watch that we are going to buy is going to be of good quality. The watch comes with 5 alarms and LED light which makes the overall use very easy. It also has a digital compass which directs you if you're racing.


This is a smart sports watch which comes with an in-built GPS to give you independent navigation as you run or cycle through the roads. It has applications which accurately monitor your speeds and distance. This watch is perfect for the people who can't run without music because it comes with that facility as well. It's an amazing smartwatch which keeps you connected and updated.


This watch is great for people who are looking for achieving a sense of style regardless of the budget, which is a perfect solution for you. It satisfies the taste of a variety of people. It is water resistant which is great for swimmers and even for one or two diving experiences. The face is very attractive, not to forget how comfortable it is to wear.


This watch is known as the “Ultimate Fitness Smartwatch” which is supposed to cover everyone's fitness needs with some extra features. The Fitbit does a great job in tracking everyday fitness routine like running, walking, steps taken, heart rate and all other fitness concerns. It's one of the best fitness trackers.


The process of choosing the best Sports watch becomes really easy when you know exactly what you are looking for. So, before you go on deciding a watch for yourself, decide a budget, outline your needs, take accuracy into account and consider durability and the special features which it comes with.

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