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6 Best User-Generated Content Campaigns to Get Inspired From in 2020

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As the influence of digital media and engaging content is rising among the users globally, brands are constantly exploring opportunities and possibilities that can enhance their productivity & growth.


In recent times, brands and marketers have found the perfect solution that is helping them achieve most of the crucial objectives for their success like trust, engagement, conversions, efficiency, etc. 


The perfect solution is use of user-generated content in their marketing campaigns. Many global leading brands are leveraging user-generated content in their campaigns for long-term growth & results.


What Is User-Generated Content & Why Use It?

User generated content is any form of content that the social media and digital users have shared on their profiles be it images, or videos or text posts, or any piece of content.


For brands, the UGC is when their customers or users talk about their experiences, ideas, opinions, reviews, etc. relating to or about the brands and their products or services. 


As it is driven by the users’ authentic experiences with the brands, so this makes the content highly reliable, authentic, and trustworthy showing realistic credibility and brand image. 


Also, the UGC is abundantly available on social media and digital platforms. So, UGC becomes a perfect solution that can bring trust, engagement, conversions, etc.


6 Best Examples Of UGC Campaigns

Here are some of the best examples of successful user-generated content marketing campaigns that have been carried out by brands globally. 


1. Apple’s #ShotOniPhone

First and foremost is one of the most successful and influential global tech brand called Apple. It is known for the supreme quality products with unmatchable features & functionalities. 


But Apple found that users were dissatisfied with the low-light camera quality of their recently released iPhone. So, to tackle this challenge which was hampering their brand image & sales, they resorted to the UGC campaign


They asked users to share the photos and videos taken on iPhone and share it with social media like Instagram using hashtag #ShotOniPhone. The stunning & captivating photos submitted by users helped in regain the brand trust & credibility through the user-generated content. 


UGC acted as proof of how good the camera is and its immense capabilities leading to trust-building and a marketing strategy that helped them increase their sales & the campaign is still active after years. 


2. Starbucks

instagram UGC marketing

Starbucks has been constantly active on social media leveraging user-generated content to drive user engagement and sales. We all know the infamous coffee cups of Starbucks and they leveraged these cups perfectly. 


They launched a campaign called #WhiteCupContest where the users were asked to share their creativity through creating designs & doodles on the cup and sharing the image on social media using the hashtag. 


The campaign helped them greatly where they received immense user engagement in their campaigns and the reward for this engagement was printing the winning design on Starbucks’ cups. This reward encouraged more and more users to take part in this UGC campaign.  


3. GoPro

GoPro, an action-camera manufacturing & tech giant has been the best when it comes to user-generated content marketing campaigns. All of their digital channels and profiles are filled with valuable and engaging UGC. 


Like recently they launched their new GoPro Hero 8 action-camera where they asked the users to share their shots captured on Hero 8 camera and share it using the brand hashtag. They randomly feature the best UGC on their social profiles is it Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. along with a shoutout to the user. 


Also, they even created a gamification strategy called 1 Million Challenge where users were asked to submit their best photos and videos captured on GoPro cameras and the best ones will win a share from the 1 Million Dollar prize money.


4. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, another leading brand known for their soft-drinks globally, also launched a user-generated content campaign with their unique brand hashtag #ShareACoke on social media platforms.


In this campaign, some common people’s names were printed on the Coke bottles, and users were asked to share it on social media with the people they know who’s name is printed on the bottle. 


The campaign was hugely successful where millions of people shared their photos and posts. It started in Australia and later the campaign became successful in other countries as well.


5. ASOS #AsSeenOnMe

ASOS is a leading global retailer for clothing and accessories. They went on to next level with their user-generated content campaign where they converted it into a revenue-generating content. 


ASOS asked users to share their photos using the brand hashtag on social media and then ASOS picked out the best and most useful UGC posts from the hub and used it on their UGC landing page. 


They allowed the consumers to shop the look shown in these photos right form that picture with the “Shop The Look” option. Users were able to buy the exact looks that they wanted to buy. So it was a great campaign with trustworthiness, engagement, and mainly conversions.  


6. Wayfair UK

Wayfair is an online home decor and furniture store operating is many countries like the USA, UK, etc. They have a unique user-generated content campaign on Instagram. 


They use user-generated content to show their customers are using the Wayfair products and how it looks in their home. Users can share their posts using the hashtag #WayfairAtHome with the brand. 


Using the Instagram posts, the brand also allows the followers or the users to shop the products shown in the photos with links to these products. So, the UGC posts help in showcasing authenticity & credibility that leads to more engagement and drive conversions. 



User-generated content is known to be the most trustable content out there for marketing campaigns. The content helps in the long-term reliability and success of their campaigns. 

These 6 UGC campaigns were immensely successful and the brands are globally popular who can make immense investments into marketing yet they chose user-generated content. This shows the value and importance of user-generated content for brand building and success. 

So, get started now with leveraging user-generated content for your marketing campaigns and you can use tools like a UGC platform to collect, curate, create, and display UGC campaigns across different marketing channels easily and effectively. 

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