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6 Classy Bathrobe Styles Every Hotel-Owner Should Know

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For any hotel-owner, the primary aim is to meet his/her guests’ hotel expectations and make sure their experience is positive and paramount. The guests visiting the hotel must share their experience of staying in your luxury hotel with others; it should be the talking point amongst them for months to come!

If this is your target, you must also invest in a few essential items. You must pay great emphasis on using quality table cloths, duvet covers, bath robes, towels and other products. Quality is something that you cannot compromise if you are a luxury hotel owner. So always purchase duvet covers sets in Ireland from a reputed manufacturer and also other hotel linen product.

One important linen product that a luxury hotel is incomplete is well-finished bathrobes. Bathrobes are an important item in any hotel and they must provide comfort to the greatest extent. The bathrobe style also goes far in enhancing your hotel’s reputation; it communicates your sense of style to your guests and also shows you value their well-being.

So what are the bathrobe styles that you must invest in to add a spur to your hotel business?

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  1. First-class quality spa & 5-star bathrobe-These bathrobes comes with long sleeves, double belt loops, self-belt and two patch pockets. These are extremely soft as they are made from 100% Turkish Cotton Yarn. These are one of the excellent amenities that you can provide to your guests. The reason is that firstly it is soft for the skin, gives warmth, has high absorption power and also looks great. You can buy such luxury spa robes in Dublin from a recognized linen products manufacturer.

  1. Terry Cloth Spa Robe- If you want your guests to raise their eyebrows and have long-lasting memories, having terry cloth spa robes is a must in your hotel. These are known to give a luxury look and feel to the guests. Such bathrobes usually come in white colour always as it automatically promotes a feeling of cleanliness within the user. Moreover, if you have a hood on the bathrobe and emboss the emblem of your hotel, you will involuntarily invite the experience of glamour for your guests!

  1. Cotton deluxe spa bathrobe for parties- Any luxury hotel will have facilities and arrangement to host a pool party. As a hotel owner, you must have these cotton deluxe spa bathrobes that are ideal for your guests to sip on a cocktail and relax themselves wearing these. It is also breathable and light; hence these bathrobes are a favourite among poolside party lovers and others as well. These bathrobes feature long sleeves, two outside belt loops and another belt of the same colour. The adjustments for these robes are very convenient and offers a different level of comfort.

  1. Embroidered Spa Robes- Usually bathrobes are always plain white devoid of any motif or patterns. You can ditch the commonly followed style and make your hotel a special place by buying embroidered spa bathrobes that come in some eye-catching styles and design. For example: you can have animal printed or floral printed bathrobes to do away with the monotonous white bathrobes.

  1. Waffle Weave Kimono Robes- The perfect vacation begins by spending lazy mornings on the balcony, having breakfast and enjoying a magnificent view. In the midst of this, have waffle weave kimono bathrobe and your guests will never want to leave. A cosy spa robe is what that your guests will look for when they will decide to spend their time by relaxing. The main feature of this type of bathrobe is it is lightweight; besides, it also has good absorbency power and gives a soothing sensation to the skin. These types of bathrobes are ideal if you have your hotel situated in warm climate locations.

  1. 100% Turkish Cotton Shawl Collar Terry Robe- These are essentially white bathrobes; such bathrobes give a sense of cleanliness and comfort to your guests and satisfies their search for a hotel that is ‘home away from home’. Turkish cotton is a luxurious fabric and is considered by majority linen suppliers as rich, warm and soft fabric than other linen categories.

Conclusion- Thus as a hotel owner, it is your duty to see the well-being of your guests. This should be your primary aim and it is easily fulfilled when you start to pay heed to a small item of importance (bathrobes).

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