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6 Classy Ways to Introduce LED Wall Mirrors in Hotels & Restaurants

LED has become a favorite among many commercial building owners. They are used for decorations and advertisement of products within commercial stores. For instance, in a hotel, LED wall mirrors may be installed in a counter to help reflect on the different types of products that are on display. This way, they make space look bigger while also attracting attention where it is required. They may be used in a variety of ways in a hotel or restaurant for the investors who want to make their business look unique. The type of LED wall mirrors that you select to install in a hotel or restaurant should make the space warmer and elegant. If they are perfectly installed, they can be a source of customer attraction which is beneficial in upscaling sales. His article includes a discussion of the different ways modern LED wall mirrors can be added into a hotel or restaurant for decoration.


Dining Walls

The dining area of a hotel will always have customers. In a restaurant that is located in a region that has high human traffic, it needs a high level of decoration on the interior and exterior. The dining region should have modern LED wall mirrors to help the customers to view different positions of a hotel at different angles. The view while you are eating your dinner or lunch in a restaurant can make you explore the space further. Usually, for such a location, the LED should have an option of putting the lights dim. Sometime, you might need the customers to be in a serene environment which will need you to make the lights dim. Avoid using too much-LED lighting on wall mirrors in regions such as the dining area.

At The Reception

The outlook of your reception area in a hotel is important to make clients feel comfortable. How your reception looks like can help in creating a positive statement to your clients. Mostly, when there are LED decorative wall mirror at the reception, they make the hotel and restaurant look elegant and classy. To make this work out well, the mirrors should have well-designed frames. With this in mind, you will make a positive impression on potential and existing customers in the commercial space. If you need to make the reception more attractive, you can use more than one mirrors so that you catch the attention of customers. A precaution when installing wall mirrors at the reception is ensuring that they are of high quality. They should have a high reflection index so that they produce high-quality images of what they are reflecting.

Hotel Bar

Most hotel bars are equipped with a display cabinet where the refreshments are stored. The display cabinets may have decorative wall mirrors installed beside them. The LED wall mirrors will b a center of attraction and will capture the attention of the customers. For most times, the led light on the wall mirror can help to illuminate the display cabinet. This way, your products on display will be easily identified by customers who have sited a distance from the countertop. Ideally, it would be recommended that LED wall mirrors be installed on either side of the display cabinet. This way, you will have more lighting which will illuminate your items on display.


Modern hotels are mostly located in high rise buildings. They may be covering several floors which require decorations. The stairways of a hotel and restaurant can have LED wall mirrors. When they are installed in the stairway, they help to illuminate while also making space look bigger. If there is enough space, several LED mirrors can be installed on a single stairway. This way, there is the possibility of creating a unique and classy space within a hotel.

fab glass-BMH


In most hotels today, it is common to have artwork being installed in hallway walls. The art is unique and could be telling a  history of the hotel and restaurant. LED wall mirrors can also replace this art. The mirrors can be installed in a certain pattern along the hallway making them modernized and attractive. If you are looking to add some extra interior design skill, you can consider installing the LED Walls in the hotel hallway. The hallway will not only be well illuminated but also look warmer and classy.

Bathroom Led Wall Mirrors

LED walls are good for makeup applications and dressing. Having well lit LED wall mirrors in the bathroom can make a difference within a hotel. When customers need to freshen up, they can comfortably use the mirrors in the bathroom at any time. For this type of mirror, they should have a high reflective index so that quality images are produced. Also, the lighting should be sufficient to illuminate the users at all times.

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