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6 Common Reasons For Cell Phone Repair In San Francisco


The modern smartphones are really stylish with glass and gloss finishes. A lot of effort is put in to design the most stylish and luxurious phones. These phones have become fragile due to the glass and gloss finishes. There are other common reasons that also require the people to get cell phone repair done.

Here are the most common reasons:

  • Cracked Or Broken Screen: This is the most common problem that smartphone owners face. It has become really hard to grip the phones nowadays without the use of a case due to the glassy and smooth finish. It sure is a treat for the eyes but really slippery to handle. The smartphone usually slips out of hands while attending a call when walking or trying to grab it with wet or slippery hand. It even breaks when it accidentally falls from the top of a table or from the pocket. Some slick phones with glass screens can break even in the pocket. Not just the exterior screen, it also damages the display of the smartphone.
  • Water Damage: This is another problem that most smartphone owners face. It happens accidentally that the phone gets dropped in the pool or water gets poured on top of it. Rain is another reason for it as one might not be expecting it to rain. Once the smartphone gets affected by water it has to be taken to a professional as it reasons in display problems and charging problems. If the smartphone is not IP67 or IP68 rated, the water will enter the body of the phone and damaged the internal parts.
  • Charger And Charging: This happens due to smartphones not being plugged properly or kept for charging frequently. It can also be due to electrical short-circuit or aging. The other reasons for it are fault dock or faulty USB connector. This is a major problem as a smartphone owner would not be able to charge his phone and might miss some important calls due to it. It generally happens after a couple of years as the parts begin to age.
  • Phone Lock: Smartphone owners tend to forget password they have set for the phone as there are many passwords they need to remember. It was a major problem before the finger-printer sensor and the Iris sensor was introduced. There are consumers who still use such phone and tend to forget passwords which can only be unlocked by professional using the right tools.
  • Connectivity Issues: This can happen to any smartphone whether new or old. The network receiver can be faulty or damage which causes the problems and needs to be replaced. If the receiver gets disconnected, the problems occur. Other related problems are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LAN connectivity to the internet and other devices.
  • Audio Output: This is the usual problem that many smartphones owners face. It is when the audio output starts to decrease suddenly on call or while listening to music. It can be due to a problem with the speaker. It causes voice distortion on call and while listening to music.

So, these are the common problems that every smartphone owner faces at some point and needs to get the repair done. Some of the major problems are costly, while others are affordable. It is always better to get the cell phones repaired soon in order to avoid permanent damage to the phone.

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