6 Content Marketing Tips B2B Marketers Should Know In 2020

Businessman pressing a B2B concept button.

Yes, content is king when it comes to marketing. And as we can see, every business is moving towards focusing on content marketing. For advertising, companies prefer content marketing on top. Before understanding any tips, you should know what your goals are. Read below to find out the main goals of a content marketing plan:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Better Goodwill
  • Client Education
  • Client Engagement
  • Brand Loyalty

But as time is moving forward, we have left behind some crucial tips which can improve our content marketing. Now, we'll get to know about some new and emerging tips in content marketing that could help us to generate better and practical approaches for 2020.

So read below to find out the six best tips B2B marketers should know in 2020 to promote their online B2B marketplace.

1.      Post Live Video

As per every content marketer, live videos are on the peak. If you look around, almost all businesses are posting live videos regularly on their official Instagram and Facebook pages. As the videos are real and in time people, rely more on it and they find it authentic. The video doesn’t need to be visually beautiful but it should create awareness. If awareness and advertisement are done, then you will definitely achieve your goals.

2.      Cross Guest Posting

B2B influencers are rising day by day. If links are added to our sites, then that can help to improve our ranks in search engines. It gives a clear indication that people are referring to our sites. If a website gets featured, it is beneficial for you and others as well. It creates goodwill for you, which at the end of the day will help to make your site successful. The exchanging of content is an old digital marketing trend. It helps to generate social proof and is an excellent way to create an extraordinary influence.

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3.      Marketing Automation Software

Until now, every business knows the importance of content management and outreach software. There are various ways which can help you become more productive through your content marketing if it gets automated. When you post a new blog, it should automatically be added to all your social media accounts. It should also be emailed to all relevant people. This would help to make your marketing process much more manageable.

4.      Retargeting

Retargeting is essential for every person. If you can reach a person through one medium, it is still necessary that you pull them off through different techniques as well. You must tap your clients through all ways possible. There are many retargeting strategies which can be applied to draw your clients. If you use Facebook, it gives you a retargeting tool which you can add to your marketing plan.

5.      Create Channel Oriented Content

By the help of the internet, you get a wide range of ways and platforms where you can target your clients. But make sure that the content you use on every platform differs from one another. Using the same content can be seen as a sign of laziness.

Each platform requires a personalised and compelling content which can fit its needs. People surfing on Facebook might have a different point of view than LinkedIn. So the content must also be according to the client’s needs. In the same way, the content posted on Instagram cannot be used in the same way on Twitter. You only have to understand which content marketing strategy should be used on each channel.

6.      Offering Chatbots

By offering content through posting blogs and videos would not quickly help a business grows. It requires different techniques and implementations. One of these techniques is by using chatbots. Chatbots on sites help ideally. People love getting instant replies and responses. It is expected that this year almost every company will have chatbots. It’s essential that you also keep up with the new and emerging trend.


It’s better to start working on the strategies mentioned above. They will surely work and help you improve your B2B content marketing drive. Keep in mind that you will have to play with these tips well. Plan out a good strategy which would help to boost your business. We recommend you to use a combination of these tips in order to make your marketing plan better than ever.