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Virtual Reality has been rapidly fasting a following in today’s world. Tech Monsters are prophesizing that it will be the IT object of the prospect. Apple has a lot of calm stuff in the App store for people who want to take benefit of this technology. Here are the top 6 apps that are making surfs in the water.


InMind 2 is again a game just like InCell but is better categorized as an app. It takes place inside a teenager John. More specifically, inside John’s brain. You learn all about the chemical reactions that occur in the brain and create the different moods that John feels. Visually beautiful and extremely engaging, this game (app) is genuinely thrilling. Watch as the neurotransmitters ping and tendrils vibrate. You’ll never want to leave John’s brain.


Any talk about Virtual Reality would be incomplete without the Discovery VR app and all the sharks that they have there. Did you hear right? Sharks? Yes, sharks. Lots of them. These are the same people that have brought you programs like Shark Week, Seven Days of Shark and Week of Sharks (Don’t ask us how they are different). But don’t let all the sharks hold you back. There’s stuff about non-shark related topics as well. You can also view Samurai sword fights, rhino rescues, and Dublin Street dancing. There’s even the odd roller coaster footage. The content is good, the interface is nice and easy to maneuver. The best thing about this app is that it has an offline mode so you can view it even when you don’t have a signal.


This one is best suited for times when you have a hankering to watch something but don’t know what to watch. The app describes itself as a “social all-in-one VR platform”. Putting it simply, it is an attempt to build a platform just like YouTube but specific to VR content. Because it collects content from multiple sources, you can easily cross paths with some content that is interesting. This is a good app to while away the time. It also has the feature where you can upload your own videos and use the VR video player to pretend that your video is being shown in a theater. But that feature doesn’t have any real purpose.


Newspapers are not thought of as cutting edge or keeping up with technology but there have always been pioneers and trendsetters who have looked at a certain technology and started wondering about how to use it in their own industry. That is how we will describe the New York Times VR app. Don’t expect this app to be updated on a daily or even a monthly basis. They are really trying to put quality over quantity and all the content that is uploaded is superb with high production value. You can view stories about ISIS fighting with Iraqi forces or climb the spire of the WTC with professional mountaineer Jimmy Chin. You can even visit Pluto if you like.


Just like the New York Times Virtual reality app, the Guardian app is also stepping into new waters with grace and poise. Self-proclaiming to “fuse journalism with innovative storytelling” it is a decent effort.

If you have the heart for it, go for the scary and harrowing 6x9. Experience the life of solitary confinement. The stories that you’ll hear and the stuff written on the walls will certainly leave a mark on you.


Within is by far the most extravagant VR experience in the entire list. In fact, it’s not so much experience than a platform for different kinds of experiences. Within has aimed much higher than all the other apps and they have achieved it too. The platform has experienced from different wakes of life and everyone will find something here that they like. Take a trip underwater with Dolphin Man, or take a journey into Pakistan and watch the land of music and poetry with Look but with Love.

VR is evolving in leaps and confines and a lot of VR and AR businesses are doing a lot of advanced and creative work within this field. Visit Six Sigma Studios to find out how we can use VR to give your organization an increase in the market.

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