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6 Creative Tips to Celebrate Halloween Safely

COVID-19 makes 2020 the world's most dreaded year, and it has given us so much trouble and hassle in our daily lives and pleasures in life. We are still in the stage of figuring out our ways to the 'new normal', including the events that we had to cancel and have alternatives to because the virus requires social distancing and wearing masks when we are going out or to any public spaces. It's such a downer how holidays and other gatherings are affected in this pandemic.

This year, Halloween would be presenting itself as a good day for celebration - it falls on a Saturday and on a night with a full moon. It would be perfect for Trick or Treating and mingling with our neighbors and loved ones, only if health safety protocols were not established.

We still have high hopes about it not being canceled, and us seeing ourselves merrymaking with our scariest costumes and giving away treats to those adorable kids.

We have planned out 7 creative tips to celebrate Halloween Safely during the coronavirus pandemic:

Show your neighbors how Halloween-y you can get! Make it grand, make it noticeable. You can create your own DIY Halloween decor for the kids. And if you are bold enough, you can up the level and show off your creativity skills to your neighbors and wow them with your decorations. There are several online resources where you can get your scary wall art or door signs like those from Widdlytinks Halloween signs. It does not have to be expensive, it just has to be epic!


Research for events in your area. By now, there are already a lot of folks out there who are finding other ways to celebrate Halloween. The most likely activities you can participate in which follow protocols for social distancing and wearing masks are those which are done outdoors. Check your social media for announcements from within your neighborhood for upcoming events.


Plan your own Halloween party. If you can’t find any event in your neighborhood, why not organize yours? Again, it doesn't have to be grandiose and expensive. If you have a space in your lawn where you can set up chairs a meter apart, then it might just be a good spot for your Halloween party. Make sure that your sanitizers, alcohol sprays, and other disinfectants are provided in the venue. You also need to remind your participants that it will be a party where social distancing is observed. And how about requiring them to wear a face mask for their RSVP?


Make your safety mask a part of your Halloween costume. How many characters in the movies, series, or comics do you know that wear masks? Since you are required to wear masks, might as well think of one character that you can portray for that costume party. Just remember to wear a mask that will protect you from the droplets under your mask for the costume.


If your backyard idea is not plausible, make it a zoom costume party instead! It can actually be twice as fun. Imagine your friends having their own 30 seconds of fame (or shame) on your zoom conference, wearing their best costume for Halloween! Ask them if it is okay to have it posted on social media, or be on a livestream while covering the event.


Make it a safe Trick-or-Treat for everyone. Since social distancing is observed, you need to come up with an idea on how the kids can line up or get their treats without compromising their health. Make sure that you have a bottle of hand sanitizer and an alcohol spray when you are giving away those treats.


Understand that Halloween celebration will be very different this year, and in the age of the new normal, everyone needs to do their part in order for us to make the fun Halloween traditions alive.



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