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6 Crucial Types Of Lawyers You Need

For most people, the mention of a lawyer sounds an alarm. Lawyers are associated with trouble, indifference, dispute, rights, laws, and other such terms. However, a lawyer is not necessarily defined with trouble. If you’ve ever been involved in a family dispute, an accident, a property tussle, or an injustice meted on you, then, you know a lawyer is the only best friend one can have.

Lawyers can specialize in a specific field so they can represent a client adequately. For instance, family law is a category that deals with issues regarding family relationships and matters such as divorce, adoption, alimony, negotiation and child support. Marriage matters are complicated when two people need to share wealth they’ve accumulated while they were together. a property tussle, or an injustice meted on you, then, you know a lawyer is the only best friend one can have.

Personal Injury attorney

Have you been injured in an accident by another motorist or because of your company's negligence?  A personal injury lawyer represents you if you’ve sustained injuries or there’s death of a loved one.

A personal injury attorney helps you to obtain compensation for your loss. If there's a need to engage the insurance provider or a court of law, the lawyer does that for you.

Estate planning lawyer

An estate planning lawyer specializes in property issues and how to safeguard the interest of the client. An estate lawyer deals with wills and trusts and helps one draw a will upon your demise. The lawyer drafts a legal document to safeguard your children’s education and future.  The lawyer also offers other property and estate legal services.

Intellectual property lawyer

Are you in the creative industry? Do you deal with issues such as copyrights, patents, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property assets? If you do, you need an intellectual property lawyer to advise you and represent you if there are disputes around your creations.

Immigration lawyer

Immigration process involves a lot of laws and can sometimes get complicated. When you need a smooth transition, an immigration lawyer comes in handy. An immigration lawyer is an expert in matters of asylum, green card, citizenship and visas. Whether you need to travel abroad for a short or long period, you’ll need to have well prepared documents and fulfill all the requirements from your home country and your host.

Criminal lawyer

When faced with a lawsuit for criminal charges, you need to hire an expert to help you out. A criminal lawyer can negotiate for your bail and pleas. A criminal lawyer represents you when you’re guilty of a crime. If innocent, they help by speaking on your behalf against the accusation and tactfully evade the prosecutor’s allegations.

Worker compensation lawyer

 If you sustain injuries in the line of duty, you need to lawyer up. A worker compensation lawyer pursues your settlement if your loved one dies from a work place injury, or gets incapacitated from occupational diseases or accidents. 


A worker compensation attorney negotiates so that the employer takes responsibility and the insurance firm clears your medical bills. Additionally, if you need rehabilitation or lose an income, the attorney ensures you get all your dues.

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