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6 Easy Way to Increase Conversions on Your Website

6 Easy Way to Increase Conversions on Your Website

It’s important for e-commerce sites to provide a positive online shopping experience or they could lose them to their competition. A conversion rate means turning visitors into paying customers. This rate can affect your revenue stream. Here are six ways to increase your e-commerce website conversions.

Live Chat Support

One of the best ways to increase conversions on your website is to include live chat support. You’ll see the difference when you include this important feature on your e-commerce website. Customers sometimes get confused with products and services you offer. They need someone who can assist them with their questions and concerns.

By having live chat support on your e-commerce website, they’ll get responses to their questions in real-time which is the kind of service they’re looking for. This feature can enhance your branding and establish trust with your customers that’s reflected through your conversion rates. Having live chat support will make your customers more willing to purchase from you. Make sure that your customer service reps don’t keep your customers waiting for several minutes, or they’ll click out of your website.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Over 75.6% of online carts were abandoned, according to a Statista report on online shopping. There are several reasons why customers abandon their carts. It can be hard to reduce these rates. Some of the most common reasons for cart abandonment include:

  • Confusing checkout process
  • Expensive shipping rates
  • Lack of payment options
  • Lack of return policy
  • Security concerns
  • Unexpected costs

One way to get those customers back is with abandoned cart reminder e-mails. According to researchers, abandoned cart reminder e-mails that were sent to customers within 3 hours received an average of 40% open rate and a 20% click-through rate. Customers returned their carts within 30 minutes of receiving the e-mail. This strategy can greatly improve conversions and sales.

A/B Testing

One of the most important things you can do on your e-commerce site is performing A/B testing. It’s one of the best tips for increasing conversion rates. A/B testing, also known as split testing, can help you audit your website and determine what’s working and what’s not working..

For this to work, you need to use A/B testing software. Then you would have to create two versions of your website with varying features. The software will tell you which version will have the most traffic. With these results, you’ll know which features to use. It’s an easy and effective way to increase your conversion rate.

Product Descriptions

You may have come across e-commerce sites where you couldn’t find any information on the products that were offered. This doesn’t provide a great experience for your customers. You need to create informative and interesting product descriptions that will make customers want to purchase your products and services. There are several advantages to having product description on your website.

One of the biggest benefits is an increase in conversion rates. When writing your product descriptions, don’t forget about SEO. Without SEO, your conversion rates won’t increase as you expected it to. SEO can help your website rank high in search engines.

You’ll also need a strong call to action in your product descriptions. Check out the call to action examples so you can get better at writing product descriptions.

Customer Reviews

Did you know that 61% of your customers will read online reviews before making an online purchase? There’s also an 18% increase in online sales when you feature customer reviews on your website. Those stats show you the importance of customer reviews when it comes to increasing conversion rates. These reviews help you build trust with your customers, which is what you need to ensure your success.

Give your users the ability to leave their own reviews on your website. A customer review is the best way to give your customer a face. You can feature customer reviews on the products descriptions or another page of your website. With this in mind, you could increase conversions by 58%.

E-Mail Receipts

Whenever you make a purchase online, you receive an e-mail confirming your recent purchase. The e-mail receipthas become a regular practice in the world of online shopping. Consumers love receiving e-mails that offer promotions and recommendations based on their purchase. Not only does it give them details about their order, but it also invites them to shop again.

Your conversion rate affects your monthly revenue. Why are there are thousands of visitors visiting your website but not shopping? By using the tips mentioned above, you can increase your conversion rate and generate the revenue you need. You want to make sure your visitors don’t leave your website without making a purchase first.