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6 easy ways to convince investors to invest in your startup

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 It can be so hard to get your startup off the ground. You may have an idea that it is completely groundbreaking and original, but that just can’t get off the ground. It is very important to be able to convince prospective investors to come to you and help support your vision. Here in this article, we look at six easy ways to do that. Let’s find out more.

Build up social media presence and gain feedback

One of the easiest ways to show that you’re going to make it big is to prove that you have recognition and what better way than to look toward social media. If prospective investors see that you have a presence, there will be more likely to invest. You should also get out there in the social world and reap the feedback that you’re getting to better market your product or service. After all, the customer is always right.

Quote input from experts and market research

It’s best to approach recognized sources and seek evidence to back up your company’s plan. You may fully believe in what you are doing, but this is important to give your product/service credibility in the eyes of potential investors. Spend time with experts in the industry before you quantify your prices and solidify your investor funding plan.

Marketing is key

If you’re going to be one of those startup companies to invest in, viral marketing and word-of-mouth alone will not do. Traction marketing is what they will need to boost sales. You will need to plan for at least two levels of partner relationships to get the scaling and visibility that your business deserves. You will also want to get promotions and events happening early.

Build realistic price and revenue models

If you want to get startup investors interested, you’re going to need to build a realistic model that can demonstrate how you intend to monetize. It should not be too focused on monetizing at a later date and make sure that you can demonstrate how you will hit metrics and milestones. A great way of doing this is to demonstrate selling some of your product to real customers to show traction.

Gather evidence early on

People are only going to want to invest in startup companies, which can prove that they have great customer relations. If you don’t have any customers yet, go treasure hunting around your files and focus on anything that you can and show to the investors. You may want to look at things such as letters of intent, the size of the pipeline, and any penetration into distribution outlets.

Show that you are organized and prepared to scale up.

This is perhaps the most salient point of all six. When you are trying to find investors for startup, prospective investors are only going to be interested in startup programs that are going to grow, and that will give them a big return on investment. After all, an investor wants to get bang for their buck.

Startup investment is in your hands

While there are no magic wands that will guarantee you business success by providing evidence that you will deliver, this is how you’re going to get investment. Other than your conviction and passion, people are looking to invest in business startups that will guarantee them a return on their investment, so make this clear. Good luck! 

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