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6 Easy Ways to Ensure Your Website Uptime

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For many businesses, website uptime is a prominent concern. This is because every single second of downtime equates to lost profiles and credibility. And in the world of online technology, you can’t afford to lose anything. If you’re not sure whether or not your server is giving 99.99 percent uptime, read this post and learn how you can maximize your site uptime.

Tips to maximize your website uptime

The more comprehensive way to increase the uptime is to stop downtime and have a plan in place to handle it when it happens. Remember that not only the hosting provider is the causes of downtime. Though the host has a significant role to play in it, you can take some proactive steps to make sure your site doesn’t face any downtime. Here are the essential tips.

Update software

Make sure you update all your website software. Almost, every website utilizes a blend of another software element. As the internet evolves, so does these software applications. Therefore, it’s important to update all the components on a regular basis to make sure the software remains functional. Having outdated software leads to raising problems with the accessibility of your website.

Don’t set up DNS

It’s not good to set up DNS on your own servers. While it’s easy and cheap hosting your own server, it’s not good for the website uptime. Once the DNS server crashes, your site will suffer from downtime. DNS hosting is not much expensing and hosting with a reputable and reliable host can carry an excellent impact on the website uptime.

Monitor Website uptime

Website uptime monitoring is essential for the excellent functionality of your site. Many website uptime monitoring tools are available online. They are for free. So, find a reliable tool and use it for checking the uptime of your site. The tool comes with many features. It will notify you in advance about the downtime of your site. So, you can resolve this issue before it affects your business performance by keeping your site down.

Why the tool is essential

Does anyone hear the sound of a tree falling down in a jungle? No, right? This is the same situation with a website. The internet is like a forest where many trees of sites have grown. Now, when your website goes down, and no one is around to check, it’s still down regardless of whether you know it or not.

It will not be possible for you to notice when your site goes down. That is where putting a website uptime monitoring tool comes to play a more significant role.  Once you find a useful tool, you will be able to keep your eyes on your site performance round the clock. And, you will receive an SMS on your mobile get a notification on your email when the site is likely to go down. With the tool, you can rest and get to your own work making sure that the site is up and running again as quickly as possible. This, thus, minimizes the damage the downtime of your site.

On-call System Administrator

Another way to improve the uptime of your website is to employ a system administrator an on call for when things go wrong with your website. If possible, search for a website monitoring software service provider which is ready to monitor your site 24/7 and let you know instantly (even on midnight) on finding downtime issue with your website.

Like website monitoring tools, many companies are available to provide outsourced server administration service. By chance when your website is down, and your monitoring service lets your on-call administrator know, the company can respond to the server emergency while you stay sound asleep. If the issue requires your attention, your on-class systems administrator can contact you directly without wasting even a single moment. These services are also affordable and can make a huge difference in the uptime of your site.

Constant Diligence

When it comes to increasing the site uptime, it means continuous diligence and proactive measures. The steps above are some of the most effective ways to improve your site uptime and prevent downtime. It’s important to remember that even if you have chosen to invest even a little money into addressing and preventing website downtime, the investment can pay for itself by allowing you to be aware of any possible downtime.


Monitoring your site uptime is something most website owners do. Those above are some of the most popular methods to ensure the uptime. However, among these methods, a tool that can make you aware of any possible downtime is the right way to fix the problem downtime. So, look for the tool online and implement it on your site to enjoy its benefits.

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