Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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6 Essential Tech Gadgets for Remote-Work Monitoring

Remote employees are now turning into a vital part of the workforce for many businesses more than ever. And judging from the recent statistics, this trend isn't stopping anytime soon. Remote-work monitoring is starting to become an essential tool for businesses that utilize a remote workforce. Both traditional employers and entrepreneurs have been recently implementing all forms of tracking work and the rest time of their whole workforce.

Employers and managers often realize that it can get harder and harder to keep track of their employees as their team grows larger. This may eventually lead to these situations:

  • Performance reduction
  • Loss in profit
  • Losing a grip on the workforce

Managing a remote team will require monitoring and time tracking. This helps a leader or supervisor in more ways than one, with the benefits far exceeding the work needed to be done.

Many people often focus on the software that makes monitoring possible, but what about the hardware? What are the essential gadgets to make an efficient monitoring setup?

Allocating a large budget on the required technology isn’t really necessary, but investing in a few extra can be well worth the expense if used in the right setting. Here are a few recommended gadgets that will help any supervisor optimize their monitoring performance.

Desktop Computer

This may seem too obvious, but the importance of a desktop computer is undeniable when it comes to monitoring a remote workforce. Investing in a quality desktop will make running every kind of best monitoring possible. This way, one has access to a more extensive selection of the right tools for the job. Not having to worry about system requirements when installing the latest software is a plus.

Dual-Display Setup

To the untrained eye, purchasing two displays for work is overkill. But when one considers the benefits, it’s apparent that they’re well worth the extra expense. Most monitoring work requires supervisors to do different types of work at the same time.

A second display gives the option of making conference calls for clients while having access to emails or monitoring software on the other screen. This essentially creates a better working environment with a more streamlined workflow.


One of the best perks of monitoring a remote workforce is that it can be done practically anywhere with a decent Wi-Fi connection. Take advantage of this by purchasing a laptop that can run monitoring software, send messages to clients and workers, and other essential digital duties.

Nowadays, one can easily find a refurbished model that will not only perform every necessary task but also saves you a considerable sum that’s best spent elsewhere. The days of being chained into an office are long gone because even supervisors can efficiently keep track of their team’s performance in the comfort of their own home.


Yes, monitoring a remote workforce through a phone is now possible. Granted, it’s not the best in terms of efficiency, but the convenience that it offers can be useful for managers who frequently travel for their work. One can even take advantage of several kinds of remote-monitoring software compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

Power Banks (High Capacity)

For remote-work supervisors, power banks can be a necessity because a dead battery will hinder productivity while giving unnecessary stress. When monitoring a workforce outside a conventional office, one can have a safety net in the event that there’s no available power supply nearby. By having power banks in hand, one can have a full workday’s worth of power that will keep gadgets like a laptop or phone topped up.


A direct form of communication is still the best when it comes to checking in with a remote workforce. One can create a forum where a manager and a worker can have open dialogues that can help make both sides happy while making sure that requests and instructions are fully understood.

That is why having a good webcam is essential. Look for features such as low-light autocorrection, built-in mics, and noise reduction. With a better medium for communication, one can relay messages much easier and faster while maintaining a degree of professionalism.


Improve Your Monitoring Workflow by Investing in a Good Setup

Depending on the type of situation, not all these purchases are necessary. However, picking out a few that can potentially help with productivity and efficiency can make things a bit easier, especially when it comes to handling a larger team of people. By having these tools in hand, the only thing left to worry about is what kind of monitoring software one should use.

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