Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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6 Essential Ways to Manage Your Mental Health During COVID 19

Following the COVID 19 Pandemic, there has been a great deal of uncertainty in almost all sectors of life. Life of people, all around the world has come to a standstill and most of you might be anxious about the future. 


What is more worrying is that we are now seeing a major surge in the cases of depression everywhere as most people are living under lockdown. In these testing times, our mental health should be in good shape so that we are able to tackle all kinds of emergencies well. 


One should know that our mind and body acts like one entity and any shift in our mental state will reflect on your body too. One doesn’t want their overall health to deteriorate especially during this crisis, where a robust immunity is required.


In this article, we will be discussing some highly effective measures that can be taken by people of all ages for being in good mental health. A little bit of patience and self-discipline can help you to incorporate these habits in your daily lifestyle within no time. So, let us begin,


Follow a Schedule


Having a schedule is one of those things in life where you have absolute control of. How you go about your day has a huge impact on your overall mood as well. When you create a schedule, you have some goals that you want to accomplish for the day and you stay busy chasing it. A routine is also vital for having a sense of self-esteem after having executed all the tasks of the day. 


The first step in sticking to a schedule is by waking up the same time everyday. After having done your morning routine, make sure you head straight to work without falling into any kinds of distractions. 


Distance Yourself from Negative News


Watching the news 24×7 which is nowadays focusing only on the pandemic can have a demoralising effect on you. To have some respite, several researchers suggest that limiting the exposure to the newsfeed might be a great idea. Instead of falling into rumours from unauthorized sources, make yourself updated to the current events only from credible sources. 


Separating fiction from the actual facts of COVID 19 goes a long way in ensuring that you are healthy, both physically as well as mentally, during this pandemic. 


Start Working Out


While it is true that the gyms are closed almost everywhere, it doesn’t mean there should be a halt to our physical exercise. Daily workouts count a lot in making you peaceful and focused amidst the toughest of schedules. There are several exercises that you can do at home without any equipment for boosting your overall fitness. 


Walking up and down the stairs in the morning or evening can also be considered as a great substitute for the cardio you do at your gyms. If you are interested in lifting weights, the safest option would be to use backpacks filled with books. These sort of techniques can be used daily to stay fit and strong. 


Maintain Good Social Connection


Having good ties with your friends and relatives is crucial during this period to stay motivated as well as happy. As you might be living in a lockdown, isolating yourself further from your peers can make things worse. 


Today there are various online platforms like Zoom, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp which offer the facility of video calling, helping you to maintain a virtual connection with your friends and loved ones. Utilize these apps optimally and you will soon see yourself in a good mood always. 


Cut Back on Unhealthy Habits


Owing to the stress and anxiety people are facing during this pandemic, there can be a tendency to depend on many intoxicants. Unhealthy habits like binge drinking and tobacco smoking, can backfire badly, especially during this pandemic. 


If you are struggling with alcohol abuse, you can try cutting back on the quantity you drink at a given point of time. Note that recovery from alcohol is a gradual process and hence you need to be patient. If you are addicted to smoking, consider opting for an electronic cigarette as it allows you to effectively tweak the amount of nicotine intake. 

Get Your Daily Dose of Sleep


The importance of a good night’s sleep on your overall health cannot be emphasized enough. As most of the people are working from home without much physical activity, there can be a little difficulty while going to sleep. A person sleeps faster especially, if he or she has toiled physically enough for the day. 


Make sure you are working out daily and are getting enough sunlight as exposure to it releases a chemical known as Serotonin in us. Try to block all the light sources to your room as it tremendously helps you to sleep peacefully.  



We all have faced some kinds of setbacks in our lifetime. But that didn’t deter us from doing the things we wanted. Similarly, this pandemic too can be considered as just a minor obstacle in our lives and never allow it to get the better of us. The tips given above can be of great help to those who are struggling to find peace during this crisis. Try following it and you will be surprised at how fast you get the results. 

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