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6 Factors to Consider When Designing Your Dream Car

So, you want to design your next car? Awesome! Before you spend too much time developing the car of your dreams, it is essential to think about factors that influence the type of car that is logical for you. You should weigh in your needs versus your wants, ensuring that all of your needs are covered. Aside from budget, color and features, here are other factors to think about when you’re designing your dream car.

1. Insurance

The car you design will need to be insured. Insurance rates vary significantly for vehicles, depending on make, model and year. The purchase price, repair costs and safety tests are a few model-specific factors that influence premiums. Individual factors such as age, location and driving history also play a role. You will want to research and compare rates to find cheap car insurance for your desired level of protection.

2. Mileage

If this is a car you will be driving many miles in, you need to consider the gas mileage. Drivers who frequently travel a lot of miles may want to design a car that gets better gas mileage or consider an electric or hybrid model. Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle that fits your needs can save you money in the long run.

3. Family

Statistics show the average length a driver keeps the same car is six years or longer. A lot can happen in that time. Choose are car that has the features you need, and then select the features you want. Starting a family is another factor to consider when designing your dream car. If you plan on having kids or anticipate needing to drive others around, this will impact the design process. Suddenly, the two-seater sports car doesn’t seem as functional or probable.

If you already have children, do you have enough room for car seats? Strollers? Sports bags and equipment? Luggage for a family trip? If you have teenagers, is this new car one you’d feel comfortable letting your teen drive to school in a pinch? Purchasing a car is a big investment, so it’s important to think through what your life may look like over the next few years.

4. Weather or Terrain

The location you live in may also impact your design process. Rugged terrain may require four-wheel-drive capabilities. Living in an area with harsh winter weather is another indicator you may want four-wheel drive. The activities you enjoy doing in your spare time may also be a determining factor. If you enjoy off-roading or anticipate hauling a boat or other heavy items, you will need to note this during your planning because these will necessitate the use of four-wheel drive. Not all makes and models offer four-wheel drive, so you are limited by this specification.

5. Maintenance

Factoring in the cost of maintenance is another consideration. Some makes and models, especially luxury or foreign cars, cost a lot more money to get repaired or maintained. Are you prepared to spend extra money each time your vehicle goes to the shop? Do your research ahead of time to ensure oil changes, routine maintenance and repairs will fit in your budget.

6. Price

Designing your dream car exactly as you want means it is made to your specifications. This more than likely takes away the room for price negotiations you would have if you went to a car lot and chose from their inventory.


There are many determinants that influence big life decisions. A car is an investment, and careful thought and consideration should go into planning to buy a car. Each individual will have different needs and wants in a dream car, so it is crucial to prioritize what features you absolutely need to have in your car. Be sure not to rush into buying a car. Plan appropriately, save up, test drive multiple vehicles and do your research. Planning and budgeting are two helpful tools to facilitate designing and purchasing the car of your dreams.

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