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6 Gaming Accessories For Pubg Mobile That You Must Know

If you are addicted to playing games, then you must know about some of the coolest gaming accessories Pubg Mobile. These make your game a million times interesting. Most importantly, you get to showcase your gaming skills and become competitive. But the accessories go well when you are addicted to top-class games like pubg and call of duty. There is always a chance for you to improve, and these accessories give you a chance.

For playing like a pro, you must be well versed with these accessories. Following in the article, you will learn about the 6 Gaming Accessories for pubG Mobile. With these accessories, you would have an advantage for scoring more points and be a legend in your game. If you are working hard to level-up, then the accessories are here to help you out. PubG has quite been a digital trend for a long time now. These accessories make it even more exciting to play. The following are some of them you must try.

1.Flydigi trigger

While playing mobile games, every finger has its position. The index finger mostly rests at the back of the phone. The thumbs play their role in movements and controlling game actions. The flydigi operates on battery and has rear triggers. These triggers use the fingers for gun-firing. The captive screen touches have electric fields that sense your fingers for the input. You can use the accessory for up to 8 hours, with its battery being 50 mAh. So this is the best entry-level gear device for gaming.

2.Flydigi wasp2 gamepad-

This is a device worth upgrading to. Every gadget news has this accessory as its content. You can have console grade control with this and get to know about its ergonomics. It also has adjustable sliding techniques so that every smartphone can be a part of it. It is also compact and fits in your pocket easily. It has a trigger, bumper, analogue joystick, and two additional buttons.

3.Ipega controller-

It is a complete game controller and is also known as a poor man’s Xbox elite. It is the best smartphone gaming companion. It also has two bumpers, joysticks, and programming buttons. It has a 400mah battery and works up to 10hours. It has a versatile holder for all smartphones.

4.Flydigi dongle

This is best for the shooter games and can be used for pubg mobile live. It also supports the mouse and keyboard completely. It can connect to your mobile via Bluetooth has two full-fledged USB ports. It is supportive of both ios and android platforms. 

5.Realme power bank

What if your cell phone battery dies in the middle of the game? So as a backup, you can have this amazing power bank. It has the perfect capacity for your phone. You don’t even need to sit near some charging points.

6.Mobile controller-

This lets you throw amazing shots while gaming. It can make you a hero in your game. You can even play call of duty mobile live with this.

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