6 Health Hacks for Common Ailments


It would be amazing to wake up every single day feeling our absolute best, but unfortunately, this often isn’t the case. However, there are a few lifestyle habits you may be able to change to help improve your health, as well as your mood. So if you’d like to start your journey to feeling your absolute best, this is where you should start.


Chronic back pain – Stretch every hour


If you have a job that requires you to sit for eight hours each day, you may be developing some back and neck pain. A very important method to help reduce or prevent back pain is stretching once every hour if possible. This will help reduce injuries, lessen fatigue, and improve your balance and posture, along with other various benefits of stretching. Another option to consider would be to incorporate a standing desk. This would be used interchangeably with your desk chair for about half of your workday. It’ll allow you to improve your posture, take the pressure off of your neck and back, and it’ll keep you more active.

Brittle hair and nails – Incorporate a biotin supplement



We’ve all been there. Our hair won’t grow as fast as we’d like or our nails keep breaking right at the worst times. Our bodies require various vitamins and nutrients to function properly and remain balanced, and this can show through the health of your hair and nails. If you notice your hair isn’t strong or maybe it’s not growing, it may be a good idea to start taking an iron supplement or a multivitamin with biotin in it. This will not only help your hair grow, but also strengthen your nails. As a result, this may make them less susceptible to breakage.


High blood pressure – Meditate daily


Meditation is beneficial to your overall health in more ways than one. It can help relieve anxiety, make sleeping easier, and even reduce high blood pressure. If you’d like to feel more zen but don’t know how, try a meditation app. This will help you focus and hone in on your self-reflection. You’ll notice the benefits of meditation filter out into other aspects of your life as well.


Eye-strain and tension headaches – Blue light filters/glasses


Whether we’re looking at our cellphones, bingeing a new television series, or working on our laptops; we’re exposed to blue light at all times. Blue light suppresses our ability to produce melatonin and can damage our eyes over time. It, additionally, can be the underlying reason for our headaches. If you notice yourself spending too much time staring at screens, it may be a good idea to do a digital detox to reconnect with yourself and give your eyes a break. However, when you are using your screens, try using blue light filters, either with a physical screen or by using a downloadable software for blue light. Or if you’d like, you can even get glasses that filter blue light that you can wear all the time.


Feeling sad, tired, or having dull skin? – Take vitamin D


Roughly 70% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D and most likely don’t even realize it. Vitamin D is directly correlated to our production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that makes us feel happy. It’s also related to the health of our bones, skin, and neuromuscular system. Vitamin D is a great supplement to add into your daily routine to help aid with these ailments. This is especially true during the winter months when we’re getting even less vitamin D than normal.


Period symptoms – Ditch the caffeine


Although there are obviously a wide variety of period symptoms and ditching caffeine isn’t the “holy grail” method for them all, it can actually help lessen some of your symptoms. Caffeine causes our bodies to retain water, which will make bloating and cramps even worse. If you are an avid caffeine drinker, try cutting back temporarily while on your period. Instead, drink an herbal tea meant for menstruation symptoms and up your water intake to help lessen your water retention.