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6 Important Things You Should Know Before Getting a Dog in Singapore

The demand for furry home companions in Singapore is at an all-time high. The pet cat and dog figures have grown at 19 per cent in five years, reaching over 196,600 in 2019. This means that the pet owners' community is growing and you surely won't have difficulty finding like-minded pet lovers in the country. Statistics have also shown that having a pet dog is popular among the people in Singapore.

If you are one of those considering getting one, here are the things you need to know as a first-time dog parent in Singapore.

  1. Size

Smaller dogs are more delicate than bigger ones. A slight step on its foot may cause serious injury, while big dogs require more space for them to comfortably move around. Dogs with long, whip-like tails need enough 'wagging space' to avoid damaging household items or injuring its tail. When picking a fur friend, it is smart to consider your home living space.


2.Level of Activity

Dogs need regular exercise, regardless of its breed and size; so, be sure you can provide this with your everyday schedule. If you think you cannot give one to two outdoor walks every day, then you might want to consider getting a low-energy pet, such as senior dogs. You may also purchase doggie play toys from a pet shop in Singapore for additional fun and activity while your dog is indoors.



Puppies need more attention and training in their first year. Getting yourself an adult dog would be a better choice if you want to see your new dog's true energy level, behaviour, and temperament. If you want a low energy companion, a senior dog could be the perfect lap dog when you just want to relax in front of the TV after a long day at work.


4.HDB Approved

Are you living in public housing? If so, you will need to make sure that HDB approves the dog breed you will get. Meanwhile, for private apartments, make sure that the building owner allows having pets inside their units. A good rule of thumb: whatever residential type you live in, ask your landlord first whether tenants can bring in pets. Some landlords do not allow this or may charge you an additional cleaning fee.



               Grooming is among a dog's basic needs. Decide whether you will have your pup professionally groomed in a pet grooming service or you'll do it on your own. If you are doing the latter, dog grooming kits are readily available in pet shops in Singapore, making the task easy for pet owners like you. 


6. Financial Commitment

Owning a dog isn't cheap. In addition to purchasing one, there are maintenance expenses, such as food, grooming, routine veterinary visits and so on. Moreover, busy people need to consider the cost of hiring a dog walker and trainer. While you certainly need not be rich to own a dog, it is imperative to know that having a furry friend at home may require you to shell out more.  

We know that those cute puppy eyes, playful wagging tails and enthusiastic bark is hard to resist. But always remember that as your dog's chosen guardian, you are the one responsible for looking after them. You are the one in-charge to make judgements and decisions for their overall well-being.  

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