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6 Interesting & Useful Facts About Tinctures

Tinctures – an extract of plants and animals dissolved in alcohol – is seeing new light in this world and could become the next big thing for their numerous health benefits. You might already know what tinctures are and what makes them unique, so we will share a few important and exciting factors about these remedies that might not be old to you. 

Super Potent Liquid Source

Before moving to the interesting facts, we would like to share vital information regarding tinctures. You get these elixirs after steeping an herb in food-grade alcohol, like ethanol and water solvents. That is basically what a tincture is. Nevertheless, its production is more complicated than its definition and you should avoid preparing it at home. 

Its production involves stirring an herb or plant in an alcohol-water mixture. It needs to be pressed after a few weeks or even months. It totally depends on how concentrated tincture you would want. The alcohol that is left at the end of this method is your concentrated dosage of the herb you used.  

You want a dry herb and alcohol to prevent bacteria from growing during the course to produce a super potent herbal mixture. 

Edible Tinctures 

We have already informed you about the production of tinctures and how they contain food-grade alcohol in them. It means that you can even consume these potions without experiencing any dangerous effects. But make sure that you are reading the details of that particular product because you do not want to consume an inedible tincture. 

The regular ingestion would amount to three times a day, after each meal. It does not mean that you have to take every tincture three times a day as some should be taken only twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. 

Retailers should mention this information on their packaging. Get wholesale CBD tincture boxes with all of the aforementioned details to sway your customer with your effort and attention.

Free from Smell

There are tinctures that are used for medication, including CBD products. They are sourced from plants and smoked in their organic condition. They seldom produce a strong smell in confined places and stick to the user's fingers and clothes. You have seen how the fingers and clothes of a smoker smell.   

Tinctures are great to consume your drugs discreetly. They have no smell and can be placed under your tongue without letting anyone around you know what you are having. 

Beauty & Cosmetic Products

The tincture is a versatile product and can be used in producing numerous items, including cosmetic products. For instance, tinctures are used in antioxidant skin products to combat aging features. 

The herbs used in tincture go under the maceration process and the alcohol in the solution is burnt off. Alcohol is vaporized because it can cause dryness and result in negative characteristics if overly applied. Hence, you get your tincture cosmetic products with the alcohol removed in them. 

Suitable Storage

Few tinctures are sensitive to light, and getting exposed to light or heat can adversely affect their potency. Tinctures should always be stored in airtight, dark-colored containers and kept in a cool, dry environment. 

You should be mindful of plastic boxes as plastic material and ethanol do not sit perfectly together. You should have a glass dropper as they are the most preferred storage option for such products. Glass ones are not reactive to alcohol and promise a fast and secure delivery.

Do Not Try This at Home

We understand that more and more people are resorting to preparing various products at home in current times. We know tinctures are quite beneficial but preparing one at home would not be a great idea.

We are not saying it is impossible, but the process for tinctures is complicated and can result in failure. There are also flammable materials, like alcohol, and could cause an accident if you are not careful. Suppose you get everything right, but you are unsure about its effectiveness as it can cause damage to your skin. Sometimes such adverse effects take days or weeks to show up. 

That is why you always buy a tincture from a reputed store and not put your skin and health at risk.

Final Thoughts 

Undoubtedly, tinctures are really an excellent method to attain all the pros of herbs and plants for your skin. You can also get CBD tinctures which have enhanced advantages and could present you with healthy skin. Again, we would advise you to follow all the rules and regulations as being hasty with it would not be fruitful. 

Strictly follow all the guidelines to keep your product safe and potent. Get your tinctures from a brand which have carefully extracted them from the finest plants to reap a massive amount of health benefits

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