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6 Lifehacks to Keep Your Edge

Do you find yourself losing your edge more than you can count? While it's normal to feel stressed out at times, but when becoming angry becomes your new normal it's important to take notice of your stress levels. Try the following tips to calm down your mind and body the next time you feel overwhelmed and stressed out.


Eliminate Bad Foods


What you eat and drink has an impact on your mood and how you react to stress. Eating processed foods made from chemicals, refined oils, and sugars can lead to an inflammatory reaction in your digestive system. It can also create stress and havoc on your body, causing you to panic.


The best thing you can do for yourself is re-think your diet. Eliminate the bad foods that make you feel bad every time you eat them. Swap them out for fresh fruits and vegetables. The more natural and organic foods you eat, the better you feel.


Increase Magnesium Levels


The more you push yourself, the harder it can be to turn off those stress levels. One of the key functions of magnesium is that it allows the nervous switch to turn off its "fight or flight" mode and sets it to "rest and digest." Taking a magnesium supplement or eating magnesium-rich foods can help decrease stress levels.


One great way to increase your magnesium levels is with dark chocolate. Other foods include dark leafy greens, lentils, raw nuts, seeds, and seafood. Even a warm bath with two scoopfuls of Epsom salt is an ideal way to relax and have a great night's sleep.


Take Testosterone Boosters


But do testosterone boosters work? You probably heard a lot about testosterone supplements and how they can help. These supplements can help combat anxiety, depression, stress, and relationship problems. Testosterone is a hormone that helps with bone density, muscle mass, sexual desire, and sperm production in men.


Men who experience stress find that they're less interested in sex as their testosterone levels decline. A lack of interest in sex can cause depression and relationship problems. Testosterone boosters are sex hormones that can make you feel better. If you're using testosterone therapy, it can greatly improve your sex drive and mood.


Put Down Your Phone


Feeling a sense of social media overload? Technology keeps us connected to our friends, family, and the media at all times. But research has shown that too much social media can lead to anxiety and depression. It's impossible to escape social media since you're able to post or read it 24/7.


Become aware of your smartphone use. Download an app like Freedom or Moment to block access to social media sites on all of your devices for a certain length of time. Want to quit social media cold turkey? Hide your devices away for a month or consider a Digital Detox holiday.


Make Sense of Your Emotions


The better you understand your emotions, the better you can avoid these feelings when they arise. There are plenty of apps that can help you understand your negative thoughts and feelings by recording them. Each time you record your feelings, the app will ask you to see the problem from a different perspective. This forces you to change your thinking the next time you're faced with this situation.


Get Moving


When you're stressed out, your hormones will cause you to run away from your feelings. It's important to use your negative emotions in a positive way so they can't lead to more stressful situations. This is where the importance of movement comes in.


Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise and other types of workouts produce feel-good chemicals called endorphins. This causes you to get out of your head and back in touch with your body instead.


Stress is one of the most underrated problems in life. While diet, exercise, and sleep are important, mental health and psychological stress can make it difficult to manage your emotions. There are simple ways to combat stress like breathing, meditation, or walking. By relaxing your brain and nervous system, you'll better manage your emotions.


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