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6 Luxurious Hotels In Dubai You Must Consider For Your Next Holiday

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Dubai, one of the most happening countries in the world has all the luxuries of the world. Lately, Dubai has been also one of the most visited tourist destinations and there is no denying in the fact that Dubai is grand and as amazing as a country can be. Risen from nothing, Dubai today has developed into one of the most celebrated Asian countries and hosts a large number of grand events. When you visit Dubai you will be astonished to see how good this country is doing in terms of its growth and improvement. And the country has decided to undergo a complete change by the year 2020. If you are planning to visit Dubai lately, save it for the next year when it will become all the way grander than it actually is today. Dubai is undergoing a lot of new constructions and renovating the existing ones to give the visitors a different experience altogether. Your heart will fill with joy when you talk to the people in this Arab country, as hospitality and kindness are the strength of the Arab countries. Dubai has a very interesting history and will make you dig deeper and deeper until you get lost in the Arab world.

The country filled with luxury and jewels is not a very huge destination but has plenty of options for hotels and resorts for visitors to choose from. Hotels like Taj Hotel Dubai and Raintree Rolla Hotel are two very prominent hotels in Dubai. Below you’ll find some of the best options to stay in Dubai for a comfortable holiday.

  • Taj Hotel

If you are looking for a top-notch stay for your holiday, the Taj Hotel Dubai which has the view of Burj Khalifa from its windows is the best option for you. Though expensive, the hotel has a huge lobby with super huge rooms which give you breathtaking views. Your morning blues will just vanish once you go to your balcony with your hot cup of coffee and enjoy observing the life of the people. With all the facilities, this 5-star luxury hotel will sort 60% of your holiday.

  • Raintree Rolla Hotel

Raintree Rolla Hotel is one of the very recently opened hotels in Dubai. Inaugurated in 2014, this 4-star hotel is beautiful. With amazing views and comfortable beds, the hotel has its own garden which is all you’ll need for your Instagram and Facebook posts. The restaurant serves authentic finger-licking breakfast and dinner to its customers and who will not prefer good food over anything on their holidays.

  • Inter-Continental Dubai Marina

If rated in terms of architecture, this 5-star property is number one in Dubai. With its own golf course and Marina Bay, this hotel is a perfect choice for your peaceful holiday. This hotel is world famous for its museum which has some mindblowing stuff. There are three restaurants in the hotel with very tasty and yummy food. This hotel has one more advantage i.e its close proximity to the Dubai museum and the bus stop which will save the travel cost of the visitors.

  • Le Meridien Hotel

Le Meridien is a very famous hotel chain throughout the world and one of its hotels is situated in Dubai as well. Le Meridien already has a very good reputation throughout the world and the same is the case with one in Dubai. With A-class facilities and luxurious rooms, most of the people prefer this hotel in Dubai. This hotel is a very famous spot for holding world conferences and media conclaves since it has a large hall and a beautiful ambiance.

  • Address Montgomerie Hotel

If you are a hardcore shopper, this hotel would be a perfect choice for you as it is in close proximity to the shopping complexes of Dubai. Nineteen, one of the famous restaurants in Dubai is situated in this hotel and offers mouth-watering food. A very famous restaurant Govinda’s Restaraunt near this hotel offers authentic Indian food and is packed with the Indian diners most of the time.

  • Jumeirah Creekside Hotel

If you have a certain fetish towards the bathrooms of the hotel you stay in, let me inform you this hotel has super huge bathrooms which will even provoke your lazy son to bath daily. This hotel is just 10 minutes away from Dubai airport and has a free shuttle service for visitors. A fitness center, spa, open pool are some of the amenities available in the hotel.

These are just 6 among innumerable of luxurious hotels in Dubai, one of the richest countries in the world. With top-notch hospitality and eateries, Dubai has everything. The past few years have been the years of rapid development in Dubai and the country is proud of it. With world-famous attractions like Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai is a small country with large capacity. The nightlife of Dubai is also famous among the visitors and should also be included in your package. All in all, if you have not seen Dubai, you have not seen the best.

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