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6 Methods to share your Business News with popular News Publications successfully

Whether you want to build brand awareness, hoping to promote a new product, or just want to share exciting business news with your customers, news publications are one of the best ways to get your brand noticed. 

But it is also the fact that getting a piece of news or story published in larger publications is not as simple as sending pitches and hoping for the good news. It requires strategic planning and a lot of hard work to achieve desired outcomes. 

In this article, you will find some ways to share your business news with popular publications and media outlets. 

  1. Crafting business news with the right Angle

The key component of getting your brand mentioned in news publications is pitching relevant news that potential and existing customers will love to read. The common issue is that most business owners and marketers don’t provide their customers with a compelling story or news about their business. If you just want to let your prospects know how great your brand is, almost every publication that has advertising opportunities will be the right fit for you. They usually have paid journalists and editors who can help you publish your business news easily. But if you want to get your brand into local UK or GB news, you need to be more strategic and choose the popular news publication and create business news with a catchy angle to get more eyeballs. 

  1. Find the Right Business News Publications

Once you have great business news to tell your customers, it is time to find the right and popular business news publications to get your news published. Create a list of all local and national publications and media outlets that cover similar topics to yours until you have a good number of contacts to reach out to. For example, if you want to break the latest news about your education business in the UK, you should find established education news UK publications to increase the chances of your success. If you don’t have enough time for the research process, you can work with a news publishing service instead to get the job done efficiently.  

  1. Know Whom to Pitch your News to

The biggest pitching mistakes businesspeople usually make is pitching to the wrong contacts. You should not send a business news pitch to the very first contact you find on their contact us page. Try to find the right person to send your pitch to that usually cover similar topics. Online reporters, journalists, and editors are the right individuals to send your pitches to. Mostly they are responsible for creating useful content for their news sections, and they are more likely to accept useful and relevant additions to their articles. That’s why you should pitch to online reporters and editors directly to increase the chances of getting a response from busy journalists. 

  1. Build the Perfect Pitch

If you have spent a lot of time with finding the right publication and the right contact person to pitch to, you should equivalently spend time on creating the right pitch to turn your business news into long-term exposure for your brand in several publications and on your own website. Create a headline that your potential customers and audience of the publication would love to read. It will help you build the perfect pitch that will effectively grab the editor’s attention. 

  1. Send Your Pitch Email & Follow Up

You have a perfect pitch and the right contact details to send. Make sure to pitch your news or story early enough to ensure the editor will process the pitch and publish your news as soon as possible. 

Once the pitch has been sent, wait for a couple of days, and send a polite follow up email if you have not received a response. If your business news is time-sensitive, you should follow up right after 24 hours or more to pull it up in the recipient’s inbox.

  1. Respond to Reply Emails Quickly

Ideally, you will get a response from the editors not long after sending the pitch to the right contact. When you get a reply email, be quick to reply to their inquiries and questions if any. Editors or journalists usually get back to you with questions they want you to answer. So, try to keep useful information upfront so you can respond to their questions as soon as possible. In this way, you can increase the chances of sharing your business news with popular news publications. 

Test these tips to get into even high-profile publications that you feel are out of your league. If you’re persistent and continue to send creative and catchy pitches, you will eventually get your story published. Just be patient and persistent. 

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