Monday, September 25, 2023
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6 New Technologies to Help Manage Your Business

Technology is advancing at such a pace that what is groundbreaking today could easily become obsolete next year. Not every new product or idea falls by the wayside so quickly, though. Some stick around for the long term, evolving and changing as improvements come about. So, instead of looking at it as a waste, consider investing in the right technologies as an opportunity to further develop and grow your business.

1. Single Sign-on Solutions


A SSO solution gives you the ability to sign in once and access multiple apps, which makes your workforce more efficient and gives your customers a better experience. For example, when you’re at work you can sign in to your email but then also access other tools and apps without signing in again. More businesses are turning to identity standards such as the SAML assertion format because of this.

2. The Internet of Things

Expanded use of sensors and connected devices lets businesses harness the power of the IoT. As its name implies, this is a connected web of technological devices that can be used to streamline processes and increase productivity and efficiency. It also increases mobility so employees can perform an increased array of tasks and services from anywhere they happen to be. That means the IoT can contribute a significant boost to your business' bottom line. This technology isn't stagnant, however, and the number of devices that are accessed through the IoT is always expanding.

3. Cloud Computing


The term cloud computing encompasses several different products and services. It could refer to hosting services, data storage or SaaS features. What they all share is accessibility. Cloud computing allows you to run your business at full productivity levels no matter where you are. Look at SaaS to see how that is possible. Office 365, Salesforce and Google apps are all examples of software-as-a-service. Not only can you perform the same tasks on various devices from any location with an internet or data connection, but you can also allow more than one team member to work on the same task simultaneously from their own locations.

4. VoIP Phone Service


Business phones have come a long way in the past decade. Today's businesses rely on Voice over Internet Protocol systems to provide high-quality calls and services at competitive pricing. They are also incredibly mobile, which fits the way modern businesses operate. VoIP systems come with an amazing array of features. In addition to the standards like voicemail, call forwarding and caller ID, you might see others such as:

  • Calls that ring to multiple lines at once

  • Conference calling

  • Do not disturb feature

  • The ability to instantly record calls 

  • Voice attendants to automatically answer calls

5. Electronic Signatures


This may seem like a small thing, and in many ways it is. However, e-signatures can revolutionize the way you conduct business. They allow for a secure signatory process no matter where you are and even if you are not able to meet directly with customers. That can save a huge amount of time. It is also incredibly convenient for customers to be able to review and accept important documents from the comfort of their homes. Market research indicates that the digital signature market will see significant growth as more business is conducted electronically over the next several years.

6. Artificial Intelligence


The field of AI has developed amazing new technologies that can help businesses of virtually any size. From automated chatbots that help answer routine questions to the ability to analyze big data with AI-supported CRM systems, there is something for just about everyone. Adopting AI into our business will help improve efficiency and productivity, meaning you'll save precious time and resources.

Take advantage of the advances in technology to grow your business. Artificial intelligence, cloud computing and SSO solutions are only a few of the exciting areas to look at for growth potential.

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