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6 Old Stuff in Your House that Worth a Fortune


Different people have different thinking about the antique stuff that clusters around the home. People often see them as trash and useless stuff. Throw the old stuff into the bin. But some of those things can actually be useful for you as you may find some good ways to reuse them or perhaps some hidden fortune. Try to get the most out of them if you are storing them as items of old memories.

Egyptian cotton towels sales are bringing details about 6 old stuff in your house that worth a fortune.

Let’s find out what they are!

Retro Video Games

Almost two decades ago, there were plenty of super Nintendo games and ultra-rare games that you must have seen now collecting dust in the basement or storeroom of your home. These games such as Super Mario, Harvest moon and Chrono Trigger were huge hits are just nothing but material storage as memories. 

There is a gaming market which isn’t just limited to the SNES, it covers from the Genesis to the PlayStation 4. These retro video games are bid on eBay for over $1000 or sometimes even more.

Vintage Comics

Superheroes are almost everywhere and they are in theatres and on channels etc. These movies are inspired by the old comic books which were well-illustrated and written by famous creators like Jack Kirby- Black panther series writer. These comics are having a moment on eBay, 15-issue-run is already well over $150 and the single issues are going for $50 alone.

Pokemon cards

The likable Pokemon cards of your childhood times which were folded up, stuck in the pocket have pretty good worth now as a complete set of the standard cards can go up to hundreds of dollars on eBay. They have to be examined of course for proper pricing but even a stack of cards in mint condition will be of some good value.

China set/Crockery

There are chances that you or perhaps your relatives must have the china set stacked in the cabinet. If you think that they are old enough and have no purpose then you have a good chance of selling them into a good price on eBay and EBTH. You can bring it to the antique dealer and check the least price you can have as its value. It will go in hundreds if not in thousands.

Vintage Lunchboxes

Vintage lunch boxes have their own price value now. With cartoon characters, superheroes and rock groups slapped on the side of a tin box, have worth over $100.

The Beatles even in poor condition is sold around $400 and that just the beginning. Many like the wild, wild west getting bid for $225 whereas Disney’s Davy Crockett has price nearing $230.


If you are still a huge fan of Pyrex then you can keep it but if you planning to just throw them then drop that idea as Pyrex bidding is going for $225 on eBay. Bowl sets have more value around $300 whereas Chip and Dip set ranges around $100.

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