6 Pizzas To Order For Your Large Friend Group!


“Are your friends coming over to your house? Then you must order some pizzas. However, do you know what exactly to order? Then read this article”.

So are your friends suddenly coming over to your house and you have nothing for them to eat? And you do not really have the time or energy to cook such a big meal? Do not worry, as you can simply pick up your phone and order some soft and warm delicacies – pizzas. This Italian cuisine is literally everyone’s favorite and your friends would love it if you order this dish for them. However, it is recommended that you order at least six kinds with different kinds of toppings so that something is there for everyone. Now you must be wondering what kind of pizzas am I talking about?

Well, to know about the same, do not delay and keep scrolling down because I am going to talk about the same.

Meatlover’s pizza – Everyone has a friend who just can’t do without meat! They have to have it every day. Personally, it is also my fav. So, a meat lover's pizza, as the name suggests is a paradise for meat and pizza lovers. Any good breakfast delivery Downtown would have it and you must not think twice before ordering it.

Vegetable pizza – If you have a vegetarian friend in the group, then you need to order pizzas that are stuffed with fresh veggies. They are simply delicious and are loved by the non-vegetarians as well because of the unique and delectable taste.

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Buffalo chicken pizza - My friends just love it! This pizza generally consists of spicy grilled chicken, along with mozzarella cheese, yum buffalo fries, provolone, and cheddar with hot fire sauce. It is spicy and just appt to gulp down with some beverage. But yes, your friend who just cannot handle spices should stay away from this one and opt for the next one I would be talking about.

Seafood pizza – Now who doesn’t have a soft corner for seafood and seafood pizzas?! They are full of crab, shrimp, sauce, cheese, onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc! Is your mouth watering? Then what are you waiting for? Just order at a good pizza delivery Swissvale without any delay and get lost in the taste of these yummilicious pizzas.

5 cheese pizza – Now we all have that one friend who is a fan of cheese! They can literally have cheese with everything. So, you must not forget ordering a 5 cheese pizza that consists of five different kinds of cheese - Mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, Romano, and feta.

BBQ chicken pizza – Another hot fav of many is the staple and traditional BBQ chicken pizza which is made of BBQ sauce, grilled chicken, onion, green peppers, provolone, mozzarella, and cheddar.

Apart from all these, there are several others to choose from and you can even customize your pizzas with toppings of your choice. If any of your friends are allergic to a particular kind of food, then pay attention to that and order accordingly! Trust me; this pizza party would be a hit. If you want, you can also order some side dishes and beverages along with the pizzas.

I hope that this article was helpful for you all. To know about catering Downtown Pittsburgh, read my articles and blogs.

Author Bio: Julia is a blogger on catering downtown Pittsburgh and breakfast delivery downtown. Read her articles to know about pizza delivery Swissvale.