6 Practical Kitchen Design Ideas for Every Household


Christmas is just around the corner, and homeowners may want to get some inspiration to revive their dull-looking kitchen or may want to create a new kitchen layout altogether, to make the space practical. Well, essential kitchen design ideas mentioned below will offer you the needed inspiration to design your ideal kitchen.

1. Plan the Kitchen Design Distinctively for Your Household’s Needs

Modern kitchen design ideas revolve around using the best layout for the available space and blend it with high-quality materials to create a highly-functional and visually-pleasing kitchen for your home.

2. A Practical Kitchen Design

Regardless of what you decide as part of your new-built or renovation, always remember that one of the crucial kitchen design ideas is practicality. Choose fixtures, fittings and surfaces that will suit the kitchen space. Besides, you’ll have to design the kitchen not only for the current requirements but also for your future needs.

3. Clean & Pristine Benchtop and Kitchen Space

Well, you’ll have more area to work freely in your kitchen when you store away items in an orderly way. To get a neat and tidy look, you’ll have to identify the sections that you’ll use more often and accordingly, make provision for proper storage for those sections of your kitchen design.

The following kitchen design ideas will help you to create a kitchen that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

  • Kitchen Appliances: See if you have enough space to design appliance storage, so you can easily tuck away these essential appliances immaculately between uses. It keeps the kitchen pristine and spotless, as well as, keeps those appliances handy.
  • Pots & Pans: Do you want to store pots and pans in a drawer or suspended from a pot rack placed directly above the bench space.
  • Spices & Oil: If you would often use oil and spices then it would be best to store them on a floating shelf close to your cooktop, rather than on a spice rack positioned on the benchtop.

In a nutshell, you need to ascertain what items you’ll want to use often and how would you like to access those sections in the best possible way.

4. The Crucial Work Triangle

The work triangle is a crucial consideration when planning a kitchen design. It consists of three vital service points in the kitchen space viz.:

(1) The stove & cooktop,
(2) The benchtop workspace and
(3) The sink.

These three crucial workspaces situated in a triangle-style and the passageway between these three vital spaces should always remain free and clear of obstacles. Nevertheless, kitchen waste bins are not part of the crucial work triangle; still, it is critical to position the waste bin in such a way that is easy to access from the kitchen area. 

However, the best kitchen layout will depend on many aspects like the available space, preferred functions of the people in the household and the lifestyle. Here, a professional kitchen designer in Sydney can play a crucial role in offering invaluable assistance with their expertise and kitchen design ideas, to design the best kitchen space for your home.

5. Take Advantage of Your Appliances to Style Your Kitchen

Retro-looking or coloured kitchen appliances can effortlessly make a statement by imparting added contrast, style and character, with modest cost and effort, as well as, they are also highly functional.

6. Use Natural Light Optimally

Well, using natural light in your kitchen can make the area look spacious, and this is a smart kitchen design idea. Below listed are some practical kitchen design ideas that you can consider for making the best use of natural light sources.

  • Fit a natural skylight into your kitchen and pantry area.
  • Suppose you have a compact or small space, then consider adding some mirrors as wall decoration so it can reflect natural light entering your kitchen and make the area appear larger.
  • Construct shelves and place appliances around the light sources like windows. It can create some curiosity in your kitchen design.

Final Words

Kitchen makeover not undertaken every year, so when you’re planning a kitchen renovation, ensure you do it in the right way to get a highly-functional and aesthetically-appealing kitchen for your household. You can use the above-mentioned practical tips into any kitchen layout style you wish; however, to get the utmost convenience, you’ll require decent space. Nevertheless, these handy tips are a good starting point to get the much-needed inspiration.