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6 Problems To Solve for a Business During a Pandemic

In a world currently being ravaged by a pandemic, there have been certain economic drawbacks that have particularly affected service businesses. Businesses that are based around products have been able to find ways to run remotely through either curbside pickup or online ordering and delivery, but industries that provide services are often not able to adapt in the same way. Many service businesses, especially those that are small and privately owned have not been doing well recently. Here are six ways that these industries have been afflicted and how you can go about trying to fix those problems.

1. Less Business

With so many governments of all levels encouraging people to stay in their homes and only leave when absolutely necessary, people have been generally cautious, and even those who are not taking the virus as seriously are still going out less often than normal. Now that some of these restrictions have been lifted, and governments and people are slightly more comfortable with the new guidelines, the best thing you can do to bring business in is to enforce health and safety rules in your stores. This includes wearing a mask, social distancing, and sanitizing everything more often than usual.

2. Budgetary Problems

Less business always leads to less money coming in, and when the entire economy is taking a dip, that can be more disastrous than ever. If you want to be able to pay the bill to your water heater company in La Crescenta-Montrose, you need to do something about your lack of income. The first thing to do is to look for unnecessary expenses and cut them if you can. For example, if you are paying for entertainment services in office break rooms, but your employees are no longer there to use them, then cancel them.

3. Customer Loyalty

Recently, you may have seen a drop off in the number of customers returning to your business. Some clients who may have exclusively used your business before may have either switched providers or eliminated the need for your service entirely. Ideally, now that the world has returned to some sense of normalcy, you will be able to get those clients back. Make sure to contact them if you have their email addresses or other contact information on file. If one or more of your former customers has changed providers, research what your competitors are offering that you are not and make alterations from there.

4. Everything Online

Most businesses have some kind of online presence today, but not every business offers online shopping for the products and services it provides. However, online shopping is now more attractive than it has ever been before. If your business does not offer some kind of information or service online, fix that problem immediately. Brick-and-mortar stores are becoming less viable as time goes by, and business will only become more virtual in the future. Even if you cannot sell and deliver your service directly online, you can at least offer the option to purchase it online.

5. Information

Businesses all over the country are in many different stages of reopening, and that can cause a lot of confusion as people try to figure out which companies are open and to what extent they are operational. To keep business flowing as much as possible, make sure that you make it obvious that your business is open and what services you are providing. You can accomplish this by updating your website, posting across all your social media platforms, advertising on your physical stores, or any number of other platforms that you may have access to. Informed customers are key to a successful business.

6. Customer Service

Right now, customer service is more important than ever, especially if you usually have physical locations open and you now do not. Customer service jobs have the benefit of being easy to do remotely, and you can even hire temporary part-time employees to help cover the large influx of customer concerns that are likely coming in. The world is in a constant state of confusion right now, so the small bit of comfort that can come from a company that cares can make your customers appreciative of what you have to offer in terms of customer service.


Businesses all around the world are struggling right now, and the United States has been hit especially hard. You are likely already doing everything you can to help your company stay afloat in these uncertain times, but hopefully, these tips can help you keep your composure for a little while longer, at least until everything returns to some sense of normalcy. Stay on top of all the news and changes in regulations in the area from which you operate and realize what these changes will likely mean for the local economy, and you can be a successful, well-informed business owner.

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