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6 Reasons To Invest In Another Language For Career Growth

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Being able to communicate in multiple languages can be an incredible asset to have as an individual. This is because businesses see it as a great to bridge the gap in cultural differences with clients and it provides the opportunity for expansion. There are also many benefits as an employee that will open your career prospects and benefit you for the future. Language resources are more available than ever, providing you with a great opportunity to take up a new one.

In today's global economy, one of the most important and valuables traits that an employee can possess is the skill and ability to be able to speak another or multiple languages. Fluently knowing an additional language, such as French, Mandarin and Spanish, for example, will illustrate to an employer the value that you can bring as both an employee and a person.

Here are 6 reasons how your career can benefit from learning a new language.

Better Job Opportunities

Being able to speak a different language that isn’t the norm in your specific sector can expand the possible job roles and opportunities that you have. Whether you wish to go into marketing or take up a job in tourism, these opportunities are likely to be available in all businesses. Businesses will always consider global opportunities, which is why they’d consider you for their long term projects.

Provides Edge In Job Interviews

There are likely to be several candidates that will be applying for similar jobs to you, which means there needs to be something different about you that helps you stand out compared to the rest of them. One aspect that is sure to keep you in the running is having the ability to speak another language. Many companies are rather limited in their resources for foreign trade so they’ll take up any opportunity available to help them to crack this market. When going for an interview, make it clear that you’re able to speak another language, preferably one which relates to an international market that the company is already in. 

Higher Salaries Are Possible

Recruitment specialists have admitted that having a candidate who can speak fluently in a different language can be more commanding when it comes to asking for a higher salary. This is mainly because you bring something new and different in comparison to other employees they may already have or you can be valuable with bigger projects due to your skills. It’s always worth considering this when you’re offered a job role or are considering applying for a popular job.

Career Growth Is Greater

Combining your experiences of what you’ve learnt in your current job role with the ability to speak another language can work hand in hand for career growth. Whether it’s moving to another country or applying for a new job role at your current company, new opportunities are likely to improve your career path. In some cases, you don’t even need to be fluent in other languages as translators are already likely to be hired to be business. However, managers and experienced employees are still required for face to face interactions with clients.

Helps To Build New Relationships

A good benefit to being multilingual is being able to relate to cultural groups personally that speak a similar language. Now, this won’t necessarily work for a company moving to UK from US, but if you’re able to speak the native language of a client who is based in Germany, for example, then it allows them to feel more comfortable around you and makes it easier to build a relationship. This can then lead to better business results as clients can relate to you better than other potential competitors. 

Global Companies Will Consider You More

International companies are always looking for candidates who have the ability to speak foreign languages. They’ll have global markets which will require candidates having the ability to seamlessly communicate with clients from different countries. Being multilingual can help them to expand globally and build better relationships with their clients which will always be appealing to them when you’re going through the interview process. If you’re looking for job roles and discover that the company is a multinational company, make it clear that you’re able to speak different languages so it increases your opportunity of getting the job.

Don’t just think of learning another language to benefit your career, because it can be an extremely enjoyable and fun experience. Initially, you may find it tough to grasp but with regular practice, you’ll eventually grasp the language. What’s a great benefit is that the majority of languages can be taught directly in your own home through online resources. 

It is well known that learning more than one language, especially fluently, can make you hugely attractive employers. This is particularly true when you are applying for international companies. As more and more job seekers begin to realise that having a language skill will make them more appealing in today's competitive job market, language courses are becoming increasingly more popular. If you are starting a job hunt, then you should consider learning another language to make you more attractive to employers.

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