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6 Reasons To Start Using Direct Debit Today

Implementing a Direct Debit scheme to your company is not only about collecting money from your customers: it's a fully automated system.

It not only surges through your company, assists with anything from cash flow to office clutter, but it will also elevate your customer service to the next level.

Here we explore 6 reasons to use direct debit.

1. Improved cash flow

Late payments are painful for every firm. Your cash flow gets more unstable with each overdue invoice as time passes.

Late payments have an impact on your cash flow because you won't know when you'll get paid, as a result, whether you'll be able to pay your bills or purchase new inventory.

With Direct Debit, you'll always know when payments will be arriving so you can plan.

2. Save Time and Money

The entire process can be automated after introducing Payments can be taken and recorded automatically each month which significantly reduces the time needed to manage them.

You want your employees to enjoy their jobs and have high levels of morale and motivation. The day-to-day administrative difficulties of maintaining your accounts department will give your accounts team headaches every day.

Many complex tasks will be automated, decreasing the risk of human error and eliminating the need for additional administrative work. They will be able to concentrate on the task at hand armed with clear, up-to-date information provided.

3. It increases customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty and retention are improved by using Direct Debit. Customers see you as a helpful, hassle-free organization that strives to make their life easier by offering them the most efficient and flexible payment method. 

They have faith in you to deduct the right amount from their account at the appropriate time and to keep them informed of any modifications to their payment plan.

You'll be able to talk to them about more customer-friendly topics rather than possibly humiliating financial issues. The time freed up to concentrate on client relationships will add value to the services you already provide.

4. It offers Flexibility

Direct Debit offer unlimited and unbeatable flexibility. If you've used Standing Orders to collect regular payments in the past, you're well aware of its restrictions.

You don't get any advance notice that a Standing Order won't arrive on time or is canceled. You have to ask your consumer to adjust the payment amount or date: they may reject, forget, or take several weeks to contact their bank. What's the result? Frustration and worry about the future.

The ball is in your court with Direct Debit. Once a mandate is in place, you can change how much is collected, how often it is collected, and when collected. You'll be left wondering how you ever managed without its flexibility.

With Direct Debit, you can change the amount and frequency of payments without needing your customer to re-authorise. This means you can take variable amounts or increase prices whenever you need to without administrative hassle.

5. Integration of Software

The world of monthly payments has been transformed by software technologies. The options for integration are amazing. You can link your online payment gateway to your accounts team's system and your bureau's software to make the entire procedure seamless and painless.

This high-performance automation eliminates the need for human reconciliation and the possibility of data entering errors. Everything moves smoothly through the digital chain, resulting in increased payment efficiency, decreased administrative time, and real-time cash visibility.

Pairing the logic of Direct Debit with the strength of these integrations will be a critical component of your company's growth.

6. Peace of Mind

Customers may sit back and rest once they've completed their mandate, either online, over the phone, or on paper. They won't have to remember payment dates or amounts because their bills will be paid automatically.

Once a Direct Debit has been set up the whole process can be automated. Payments can be automatically taken and tracked each month which significantly reduces the time needed to manage them.

When using a third-party bureau, you can use either your own SUN (Service User Number) or the bureau’s SUN to make payments. The best option is to use your own SUN, because only the name of your business is shown on your customer’s bank statements. But if you need the payments to start quickly and you don’t mind the bureau’s name on your customer’s transactions, you can opt for using the bureau’s SUN.

Direct debit is a simple and sensible alternative that gives you complete control over your payments, including recurring payments. Its low failure rate and minimal need for manual intervention make it appealing to customers and businesses alike.

If you are looking for the best payment method for your company, Direct Debit is a feasible option that can help you maintain a healthy cash flow.

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