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6 Reasons Why Companies Should Support Health and Wellness

Employee health and wellness isn't simply a trendy issue; it's about the lives and well-being of the individuals who labor every day to keep your business functioning. If you truly value your employees, you owe it to them to show it by providing health benefits at work. Investing in your employees' health and well-being will help them be their best selves every day and do the amazing work they do for your company. If that isn't convincing enough, consider the following six reasons why every firm should prioritize employee health and wellness.

1. Lower Healthcare Costs

Numerous things influence your employees' health, including Thrive side effects. Smoking, leading a sedentary lifestyle, and being stressed are three of the most serious health dangers a person can face. Eighty-three percent of American workers are stressed at work and stressed people spend 46% more on health care. Chronic illness rates will be lower, and health costs will be lower in workplace health initiatives that focus on minimizing these primary hazards.


According to a large study conducted by the CDC, the cost of healthcare for smokers and non-smokers differs by around $2,056 per person per year. The difference in annual income between physically active individuals and those who are not is around $1,313 for those who are. According to studies, employee wellness initiatives have also been demonstrated to save businesses an average of $3.72 for every dollar invested in them. 

2. Less Work Missed

Absenteeism is a huge expense for businesses, and you're not alone if you're having trouble with it. However, it's possible that your staff aren't as healthy as they may be. By investing in health and wellness programs, you can help your employees take fewer sick days. In addition, for every dollar invested in a wellness program, firms save $5.06 in absenteeism.


Because it is more difficult to perceive, explain, and alleviate, presenteeism can be even more costly than absenteeism. However, employees coming into work when they aren't feeling well is one of the fundamental underlying reasons for presenteeism. They may be sick or have a chronic ailment, or they're simply distracted or upset about something at or outside of work.

Because health and wellness programs improve general employee health, you should notice decreased sick time requests and fewer employees reporting to work unfit.

3. Higher Morale

It's no secret that employees value an employer who values or cares for them as human beings in addition to their contributions to the firm. Employees are frequently viewed as throwaway machines rather than living, breathing beings with complex emotions and physical and mental requirements.


Investing in employee health and wellness is a terrific way to show how much you care about the people you work with. People will benefit not only from knowing you care, but as their health improves, they will feel better and contribute more positively to their teams.

4. Lower Illness Rates

Focusing on your employees' health and wellness by assisting them in addressing health concerns, educating them on risk factors, and enabling them to seek out more preventative care will result in reduced overall rates of illness. As employees' health improves, you should observe fewer sick people in the office and fewer people missing work due to illness.


However, with continual advancements in health care and employees actually living healthier lifestyles, there should be a drop, or at the very least a flatlining, of chronic diseases around the office. Chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes are primarily caused by bad health decisions such as smoking and being sedentary. If you notice an increase in chronic diseases in your office, it's time to implement a wellness program.

5. They'll Get More Done

Many of the reasons employees are distracted or anxious during their workday, both inside and outside of work, could be reduced or eliminated by comprehensive health and wellness initiatives.


Financial wellness initiatives can help employees deal with financial difficulties outside of work hours. Employees should be able to enjoy better overall health as a result of health and physical wellness programs. Individuals should be able to obtain enough sleep and be encouraged to be physically active due to this, which will improve their mental state and ability to focus at work.

6. Less Turnover

Knowing that health and wellness programs boost employee morale and productivity, it's no surprise that they'll have an impact on your company's capacity to retain talent. According to the Principal Financial Well-Being Index, 45% of Americans working in small to medium-sized businesses indicated they would stay at their employment longer if their employers offered wellness programs.


Not only will health and wellness initiatives help you maintain your present staff for longer, but they may also help you acquire additional high-level talent in a competitive market. So, how do you do it? Your employees will be more loyal to your company and brand if they feel valued and fulfilled in their jobs. This might really assist boost sales and lead to more employee referrals, which are one of the most effective recruiting techniques available.

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