6 Reasons Why Naruto is the Best Anime

Naruto Anime

Incorporating more than 700 episodes and 700 anime chapters, Naruto is one of the best anime series of all time. Anime lovers literally can't get over Naruto's videography, plot, and characters. Naruto has successfully cultivated a fan base in more than 50 countries across the globe. In this post, we have explained 6 reasons why Naruto is the best anime that no one should miss.

  • Naruto lets the audience grow up with the characters 

Naruto portrays something that is hardly seen in other anime series. Naruto introduces a plethora of characters, with their distinct characteristics and nature. The director of the series has skilfully tracked the growth and evolution of each of its characters from childhood to adulthood. The growth depiction has been done realistically and the audience could relate to several aspects of those fictional characters.

  • Naruto is heartfelt 

Naruto, without a doubt, is one of the most heartfelt manga series that has ever been developed. It conveys a plethora of emotions and is enough to overwhelm anyone. The emotions are deeply felt by anyone and probably that's the achievement of Naruto. The series deals with the dark and depressing beginnings of its main character. Naruto initially had no friends except his adoptive father.

Through his journey, he makes new friends and explores life. He gets over his dark experiences and gains a lot of exciting adventures over time. The rest of the characters too go through amazing journeys. 

  • Naruto is inspiring 

Like we already mentioned, in the beginning Naruto was experiencing tough times. He faced abuse and didn't have any friends. He felt alone and cornered. This sense of isolation motivated Naruto to chase the biggest dreams of the world. If you have watched Naruto, you know that his dream was to become a ninja legend. 

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Next, guess what! Naruto even manages to successfully achieve his goal! He didn't pay any attention to people who constantly looked down upon him. He kept himself determined and motivated. This journey of Naruto's life is extremely inspiring. 

  • A plethora of characters to remain motivated 

The main reason for Naruto being the best anime series is how the audience can read along and grow up alongside the characters in Naruto. Naruto presents a huge and diverse cast of characters that increases the intensity of the plot and makes it more engaging. Once you start watching Naruto, there's no going back.

The group of characters is so vast and varied that there's one character that you are sure to find relatable. If you can relate to one character, in the beginning, you might find another character's growth appealing later. The best part is every character is given equal importance.

  • The action scenes are intense 

Fights aren't boring in Naruto. For people who love action sequences, Naruto is the best entertaining series. Fights aren't messed up in Naruto. They are vivid and realistically portrayed. They are creative and use great concepts which makes them even more awesome. The director has incorporated amazing choreography to make the fights look real. 

  • The overall storyline is engaging

If you watch Naruto, the best thing that you would realise is that neither does it have a complex plot nor a very simple one. That's the beauty of Naruto. The plot is a fine balance between both and therefore is extremely fun.

This plot has attracted millions of manga fans across the globe. Several questions are expected to rise in the minds of the audience. The audience constantly tries to find answers to them till the end. This keeps people occupied and makes your entire experience extremely wholesome. 

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