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6 reasons why you should ask for a second date even if the first was not perfect

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Sometimes the first date is worth forgetting, but the reasons may not have to do with how compatible you are with the other person or not.
You may have enough in common that the relationship lasts a lifetime and you just need time to see it.

Sometimes first dates are a real disaster. It does not matter if you have experience in looking for a partner or not, unfortunately it is always the case and sometimes it is not even because we have done something wrong or because the other person is at fault. It just didn't have to happen, period.

However, it is possible that although the first date was not the best or a true success, nor did you fall in love at first sight, it was enough to give the person in front of us a second chance.

It sounds totally crazy, yes, but psychologist and relationship expert Roxy Zarrabi from thaidating has shared seven good reasons why maybe we should try to get a second date even if we didn't feel butterflies in our stomach on the first.

You may like it more if you know it better

Some people are lucky enough to know that the love of their life is in front of them just by saying hello. Others do not have that ability and need to spend more time with someone to find out. It has happened to all of us that of meeting someone in a group of friends, meeting in various places, getting to know each other little by little and one day realizing that we want to go out with him or her. Sometimes we just need to go little by little.

It is not your type and it is precisely the good thing

We all have a type of person who attracts us and if the date does not meet those characteristics we lose interest. However, being different is precisely why you deserve a second chance (if you want it). Perhaps the reason that the above relationships did not work was because what attracts us is not really the best for us.

You may not be an instant crush

They have always told us that when you meet the perfect person for you, you know it instantly. That crush, love at first sight, etc. But maybe that's not your thing, maybe you think that's what you should look for and that's why you don't even feel it on the first date, you don't move on. Maybe the spark between two people takes longer to jump, but that doesn't mean it won't do it later.

External influences

The nerves, a bad day at work or personal problems can make a first appointment go worse than planned. We must take all this into account because if some external factor has caused a bad first impression, it may have a solution. Meeting another day when both of you are more relaxed can change the perception you have of the other.

There is no spark but you share the same values

Having the same vision of the future and values ​​is one of the keys for a couple to last a lifetime. This is reason enough to plan at least a second date and see if you can have a future together. Little by little you will discover the other person and you may find many more similarities than you think.

Not feeling an instant attraction can be beneficial

That you have not lost your mind in the first moment has its good things. For example, not feeling that attraction can relieve you of the stress of the first date and thus be yourself without appearances by trying to like more.

This also allows you to be more objective and to realize if you really have potential or not and by not feeling pressured or clouded by the attraction you can get to know each other much better and lay a much more stable foundation for a good relationship. The point is to give yourself a chance.

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