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6 Rules to Follow While Maintaining a 5-Year-Old Car

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One of the many reasons to buy an old car is to get away from the frequent hassle of servicing and repairing the old car. An old car can be quite a headache if not taken care of in time. A car that has been bought five odd years back is definitely going to have technical problems that need to be fixed. Therefore a well-thought-out servicing routine can greatly improve the working and add the age of a vehicle. Owning a car is no luxury for its high utility value.


It is a very useful entity that should be in working condition all the time. To ensure the long-lasting convenience and comfort with a predictable performance here a list of tips to follow.


1. Regular Trips to the Mechanic

Go to an expert, trusted mechanic who is acquainted with the make and model of your car regularly. Visit the mechanic shop after definite intervals of time to out rule any problem with the vehicle. After certain thousand miles, a visit to the mechanic is due. This is because of the wear and tear that happens after traveling a considerable number of miles. Treat any car problem as soon as it occurs. If the car gets a dent go to mechanic shops immediately. Paintless dent repair is done by most mechanics in Essex.


2. Frequent Cleaning


Never underestimate the power of cleaning your vehicle regularly. Not only does a regular cleaning routine avert the buildup of debris and dirt on the vehicle but also acts as a preliminary inspection routine. Cleaning regularly also means averting permanent stains. It is absolutely imperative that the vehicle is cleaned and washed frequently to avoid any clogs or blockages in any part of the vehicle due to dirt, debris, or mud. If not cleaned regularly, a vehicle would look older than what it actually is and sometimes cause inconvenience too.


3. Inspect Batteries Regularly


Inspecting the batteries of a vehicle should be a regular routine for every automobile owner. It is the choice of the customer to inspect the vehicle themselves or by a mechanic shop. Check for any chemical buildup on the battery circuits and the chemicals inside the battery. If the vehicle has been parked for a while, jumpstart the vehicle for starting the batteries again. Uninspected batteries can be very unpredictable and cause ugly emergencies on the road for a driver.


4. Tyres Should Be Under Constant Scrutiny

A car that is 5 years old must have undergone quite a lot of wear and tear, the tires facing the most of the brunt. The tread of the wheel loses its property of being a source of friction during car journeys. This is because of the fact it loses a lot of rubber width over long periods of time due to considerable wear and tear. If the alloys have started to deteriorate, refurbishment should be done immediately. Alloy wheel refurbishment is easily available in Essex with a wide range of options.


5. Change Oil.


The various types of oils that are used in a car are the lubricant oils that are necessary for reducing friction, engine oils, gear oils, and coolants. These oils should be regularly checked to ensure no sludge has accumulated in the oils. Dirt also accumulates over periods of time in the oils. To avoid blockages and ensure smooth working of the engine oil should be changed regularly.


6. Parking Space


A long-term plan for a safe parking space is imperative before owning any vehicle. A well-maintained car is directly proportional to the kind of parking space it has been stationed in all through the years. In an ideal parking space the vehicle is not placed directly in the path of direct sunlight, nor should the parking area be humid that could rust the car in no time.


To maintain a car is putting in a lot of small efforts together. Taking care of a car for it to last long can also mean driving it carefully or even using it on smoother roads. A strategic routine can definitely increase the life of a car.

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