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6 Senior Safety Tips for All Homes

Senior safety is a significant concern for all caregivers. As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, making us more susceptible to accidents. Slips and falls are very common and can happen anytime. Luckily, there are multiple ways of enhancing safety in the home. For some people, bathroom modifications work best, while others prefer tech devices to improve safety. No matter your choices, it’s critical to ensure that your older person stays safe at all times.


Here are ideas to enhance senior safety at home:


1. Use medical alert systems& Senior monitoring systems


There are different alert systems that you can use to improve senior safety in your home. These can offer protective coverage when the caregiver isn’t at home. In case of medical emergencies, the system allows the older person to call for help with ease. What’s more? For some devices, you can alter the settings to match your needs and medical condition.


For example, the All Well system is a free senior wellness app and is widely used. It can protect your older person from falls, abuse, wandering, and more. It also provides a lot of health and wellness data to ensure optimal safety for all seniors.


2. Fit carbon monoxide detectors


Carbon monoxide is odorless and is deadly, it can pose various health risks to your loved ones when inhaled. That’s not all! It causes sleepiness, which most older people deem normal. A carbon monoxide detector is a handy device that helps sense the gas early enough. If coupled with a fire extinguisher, these two types of equipment can detect and stop fires before they become uncontrollable.


3. Have adequate lighting


Good lighting plays a significant role in any home. Most senior persons suffer from vision problems and are likely to fall or get other home accidents. Ample lighting in the staircases, hallways, and washrooms reduces this risk and intensifies safety. For excellent results, use bulbs with a wattage of 100 watts. Also, leave the bathroom lights on at night, just in case your loved one needs to use it.


4. Use comfortable shoes


Encourage the older person to wear comfortable and well-fitting shoes. Avoid high heels and opt for low or flats. With comfortable fitting shoes, you can walk with ease without tripping or falling. 


5. Take baths when there’s someone at home.

 Only take a bath when there’s a caregiver or a family member at home. Slips and alls mostly happen in the bathroom and are a leading cause of death for most seniors.


6. Avoid loose rugs on hallways


Scatter rugs are a health hazard for the elderly and kids. They can easily trip, leading to slips and accidents. Avoid such mats in busy places like staircases, hallways, and bathrooms. If you must use them, tuck down the edges for heightened safety.


A quick wrap up

Safety is a crucial component of all homes. It’s your role to ensure that the elderly stay in a safe home environment, free from accidents. Acquire modern senior monitoring systems and track your loved one’s health throughout the day. Also, consider the other mentioned tips for an accident-free home.

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