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6 Simple Upgrades to a Better and Safer Car

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Having a car that’s not in the best form can impact your safety, driving experience and even your insurance rate, however, many drivers still avoid upgrades since they think the process is too expensive or too complex. The truth is that today, you can make various easy upgrades to your car yourself (or set aside a small amount for professionals) and be on the road basically the same day. If you need some tips and ideas for your car, here are some of the best simple upgrades that will improve your car in every way.

Invest in better tires

Even though often neglected, tires are one of the most important car parts and they deserve all the attention in the world. They are your only contact with the road, so they need to perform well. Replacing your old tires will give you a better driving experience, make your car safer (especially in wet and icy conditions) and give your car a more aesthetically pleasing look. Stay safe and check your tires regularly, because shabby tires can cause sliding, poor braking, flats and even life-threatening accidents, so even if getting a new set of tires can be expensive, the investment is worth every penny.

Install a camera

Most old cars are not equipped with very many safety features, so you have to rely on your eyes and driving expertise when parking, pulling out or stopping. In many cases, though, you can install a rear view camera that will allow you to stay safe and away from small bumps and big accidents. Reducing your blind zone will save your car from many scratches and prevent various tricky situations with cyclists, pedestrians and other drivers. If you often spend time on the road after dark, make sure your camera works well in low-light conditions.

Take care of visibility issues


Anything that can mess with your visibility on the road needs to be taken care of ASAP. No matter how small, cracks and chips in your windscreen can lower visibility, cause dangerous light fractions that can blind you, and lower the protection properties of your glass. Plus, in places like Australia, you can even get a ticket for driving with a damaged windscreen. Luckily, if you want to avoid all of the aforementioned safety issues and fines, you can always find an expert in windscreen repairs in Sydney who will fix small damage and return your auto glass to its former glory. In case your windscreen can’t be salvaged, they can also replace it with a new one in no time.

Polish your headlights

Foggy headlights can also lower your visibility on the road, so make sure to give them some loving and polish them clean. There are DIY polishing kits for headlights available on the market, so all you need is some time, persistence and strong forearms. Once you finish with your headlight polishing, your illumination with skyrocket and you’ll be much safer on the road. Plus, your car will look 5 years younger!

Invest in phone and USB accessories

Old cars usually have a severely outdated entertainment system, which means you’re more likely to use your phone or tablet for music. That’s all fine, but using gadgets while driving is very dangerous and can result in a fine or an accident. They often push us to develop various unsafe driving habits and turn us into horrible role models for younger generations. However, if you invest in practical USB and phone accessories, you can gain access to various hands-free features that will reduce distractions and make you a more focused driver. Plus, these phone cradles and USB-connected devices are all safe to use if you ask the police because you can have both your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Tidy up your car


Your phone is not your only distraction in the car. Chargers and cables from devices, sodas rolling around on the floor and your jacket thrown over the seat can all cause tangles, blockages and block your view. So make sure to keep your car tidy with organizers and retractable cables. These will not only boost safety but make every ride a little more comfortable and relaxing.

You don’t have to have a deep wallet or a lot of time or expertise on your hands to give your car a few upgrades. No matter what you choose to invest in, you will have a safer and more comfortable ride.

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