Monday, December 11, 2023
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6 Software Development Outsourcing Trends in 2021

With each year passing, IT outsourcing is rapidly growing. Due to this growth, the software development industry worldwide is subject to changes. As the industry is expanding its periphery, new technologies are coming into existence.

Companies are looking for professionals having specialization in the particular technology they are looking for. For instance, when they need to develop software using java, they are outsourcing only java software development services.

It is only one of the latest trends prevalent in the software industry. This article has enlisted such remarkable software development outsourcing trends to be observed in 2021.


  1. The rising importance of narrowly specialized boutique software companies

Some companies prefer working with a single outsourcing partner, while others hire multiple outsourcing services. However, it has been found that most businesses are looking for narrow specialization outsourcing agencies.

Fast evolving technology is the reason behind this trend. An in-house team of a company can't keep up with all the latest technologies as it requires different skills. 

Companies want to outsource agencies having skilled developers who can provide maximum quality. When a large outsourcing company offers a wide range of software development services with a diverse pool of experts, it will benefit an organization in many ways.


  1. The demand for developers familiar with AI and IoT

Online shopping has become an integral part of human life. Moreover, Forbes has stated that the outbreak of COVID-19 has made online shopping the New Normal. More people are getting familiar with online trading.

With this rising popularity of online trading, companies are prioritizing boosted User Experience or UX. Artificial Intelligence or AI and the Internet of Things or IoT have empowered the e-commerce industry by providing a more customized buyer's journey.

AI-based chatbots are already replacing human interactions while providing customer care services. According to a Gartner report, 85% of clients will prefer ordering their desired products or services without any human interaction shortly.


  1. The continuous popularity of blockchain services

Many researchers have found that blockchain spendings will reach $16 billion per year by 2023. This technology has developed smart contracts. It has boosted security, transparency. Blockchain also provides unique money-raising solutions for small ventures. With the increasing demand for this technology, the need for efficient and skilled professionals having expertise in this technology is also increasing.


  1. An increasing need for cybersecurity

These days, data has become the most precious resource for any organization. There is nothing new in it. With the rising importance of data, cybercrime is also amplifying. Therefore, many companies are investing money to maintain compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. The present IT industry needs to ensure that all data is well-secured.

Considering the rising importance of cybersecurity, many companies are hiring outsourcing partners that can ensure their cybersecurity.


  1. Growth of global cloud computing market

The last few years witnessed the rise of cloud computing, and the trend will continue. Many big, mid-level, and small companies hire cloud outsourcing services to streamline their business operations and data security. 


  1. Need for Java developers

Java is one of the most demanding technologies among all used for software development. It is not a new addition but still in the IT industry. That is why the demand for java software development services is also escalating. These are the top six software development outsourcing trends that will be prevalent in 2021. All these innovative technologies can enrich a business.

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