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6 Strategies for Becoming a Better Version of Yourself

Are you happy with yourself just the way you are? Chances are you have areas of your life that you wish to improve. That’s completely normal. Most people want to be better, and it’s an attainable goal to have. But how?

In order to evolve, you must be introspective. Examine your weaknesses and work to overcome them. If you’re on a journey of self-betterment but not sure where to start, here are six unique suggestions to consider during your self-assessment.

1. Take Care of Your Mind and Body

Self-care is a broad concept that encompasses many aspects such as rest, social connection and nutrition. If you don’t already have an established self-care practice, understand you have control over your stress management, diet and exercise regimen. When you’re tired, tense and eating poorly, you may feel run-down, which affects your ability to be productive in all areas of your life. Alternatively, when you take control of your health, you’re better able to function from a calm and stable mindset.

A balanced diet, supplements like the Thrive Patch and a routine relaxation practice will give you the foundation you need to build a better you.

2. Release Anger

Everyone gets angry from time to time. However, when you feel and express anger more often than not, you’ll have problems with your inner peace as well as your external relationships. This leads to a void in your life that hinders you from becoming a good friend and confidant to the people you love. You may have a valid reason for your anger, but you also have a personal responsibility to process your negative emotions and let them go.

For many people, this is difficult to accomplish alone and a good therapist can help you learn to manage your angry feelings, so you can have room for positive feelings.

3. Be a Support System for Others

If you want to help yourself, you must help others. When you perform good deeds from a place of love, altruism and sacrifice, you’ll receive an emotional reward of peace and stress relief that motivates you to do even more for others. Whether you’re passionate about people or animals, volunteering your time helps build a stronger society around you. Positive community interaction gives you a sense of belonging and lets you know that you’re valued by others. If you want to be a better person, share your talents publicly.

4. Find Your Flow

Flow occurs when your mind enters a state of engagement to the point where you lose track of time. You’ll notice this phenomenon happening when you truly enjoy the task at hand. Picking up a new skill, starting a hobby or engaging in a new activity are all ways to put your mind and body into a deeply relaxing state, allowing you to release stress and find your inner peace.

5. Bring Your Strengths to the Table

Finding your flow helps you identify your strengths, which may help you define yourself and discover what makes you unique. Once you understand what you can bring to the table, you can show others what you’re capable of and make yourself indispensable to the people and organizations that matter to you. Learning about yourself helps others learn about you too, and the benefits are often mutual.

6. Build Stronger Relationships

Relationships are the backbone of any organization, from families to workplaces. If you’re selfish in everything you do, and you put others down to build yourself up, you won’t have a support system backing you when you need help. Take time to create and strengthen bonds that are important to you. Be a good listener, practice empathy and brush up on your conflict resolution skills. These strategies will help you feel more connected and less stressed over interpersonal communication. Learning how to treat others can help you become a better person.

These strategies can help you become a better version of yourself, but don’t become complacent. Remember that people change and you will too. Frequently reevaluate your state of mind and adjust your actions and your attitude to support your new goals.  



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