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6 Styling Tips for a Real Boss Girl

Apart from allowing us to boost self-confidence and demonstrate it to others, power dressing might also be an incredibly beneficial tool that helps us build a memorable and respectable image, allowing us to advance our careers. As ‘dressing for success’ has become the new norm, power dressing has slowly evolved into a new form of female empowerment, something we still might as women in the world of business. To that end, here are some of the best styling tips that will allow you to dress more fashionably, and show the corporate world what a boss you truly are:

1. Start with the right makeup look

No matter the workplace, the most professional makeup is always considered to be subtle and minimal, simply covering up any imperfections, while making for a cleaner and more put-together look overall. But apart from making you look more refined, such a simplistic makeup look also perfectly complements any business attire and formality, making it the safest and most versatile option. However, if you’re working in a more forgiving environment, or you simply want to add a touch of color to an otherwise toned-down outfit, you can always enhance your minimal makeup look with a deep red lipstick that’s the definition of a boss lady, while still being office-appropriate.

2. Go for a professional hairstyle

Just like the makeup, your hair should be simple and professional, and beautifully complement your chosen business outfit as well. When it comes to the most office-appropriate hairstyles, the options can range from a sleek low ponytail or an elegant bun to styled hair worn down and tucked behind the ears or pushed away from the face. But although these hairstyles are quite polished and professional, they all require long and voluminous hair in order to look their best. For that reason, it might be a good idea to invest in quality clip in hair extensions that seamlessly blend into your natural hair, allowing you to achieve the ideal boss girl hairstyle with minimal effort.

3. Pay attention to the colors

When choosing the most striking business outfit, color can play an incredibly important role. While more neutral and toned-down shades, such as black, gray, brown and navy, might be preferable in a professional setting, they can be quite difficult for constructing more impactful looks. If your choice needs to be limited by these colors, opt for combinations that provide a stark contrast like black and white, in an effort to achieve a more eye-catching look. If you have more room to play around with color, however, dare to go with an all beige or cream look for an incredibly feminine yet professional outfit, or even opt for a brightly colored power suit for the ultimate boss look.

4. Opt for structure and simplicity

Whether you opt for a subdued or a bold color palette, simplicity is always the key to achieving a powerful, statement-making business look. This means choosing more classic pieces such as pencil dresses and cigarette trousers, while keeping your layers to a necessary minimum, like a timeless coat. Instead of following trends with oversized and skin-tight items, opt for structured clothing that allows for a sleeker and more defined look, whether it’s a classic tailored blazer or a blouse with a more unique, architectural silhouette. Sticking to such clean, simple and streamlined looks will make power dressing that much easier to master.

5. Include some variety into your looks

In order to make your office attire more powerful and impactful, dare to include patterns and prints into your outfits. From classic checks and pinstripes to feminine florals or even abstract designs, there are many ways you could add some color and pattern to classic business attire. Just make sure to opt for tops and outerwear when including prints, to maintain that professional and refined aspect. If your workplace doesn’t allow for such experiments, however, you could always play with different materials to add variety and dimension to your looks, such as pairing a classic wool skirt with a silk or satin blouse that flows beautifully.

6. Don’t forget about the accessories

Accessories can truly make or break any look, and they represent an incredibly important aspect of power dressing. Regardless of the type of outfit you go for, accessories should always be simple, neutral and minimal, to complement any outfit, while allowing for a sleek and refined look. This means avoiding costume and oversized jewelry, and instead choosing dainty earrings and necklaces, or a classic dress watch. While a silk scarf and designer sunglasses can both be wonderful accessories for adding a chic element to your outfit, keep in mind that your shoes and handbags should always be in classic shapes and neutral colors, for a professional, boss girl look.


While traditional business attire might come with a number of rules and restrictions, there are evidently many ways you could make your professional outfits that much more stylish and fashionable, just like a real boss lady should.

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