6 Things A Woman with Wavy Hair Should Never Do


Your straight-haired friends may be envious, but if you have wavy hair, you know how difficult it can be to keep up with it daily. Wavy hair can be fantastic, but it can also be stressful, putting even the savviest stylist to the test. Wavy hair can be amazing, with strands that flow in every direction and frizz that never seems to go away, but it can also be stressful enough to put even the most seasoned stylist to the test.

When it comes to wavy hair, the single biggest and most common mistake is fighting their waves. The contour of their wavy pattern can be altered by anything from everyday hot tool use to harsh chemical treatment.

Wavy hair can be difficult to manage for a variety of reasons compared to straight hair. Its problems can leave you feeling so frustrated that you would do anything to avoid dealing with them. Whether it's knotted, too much volume, extreme dryness, or just massive frizz due to humidity, Wavy hair problems can be so aggravating that you'll do almost anything to avoid having to deal with them.

1. Avoid Over Shampooing


Excess shampooing

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Wavy hair is naturally dry, and shampooing it too often can make it brittle by stripping away the natural oils that keep your curls in place. When shampooing (which should only be done once or twice a week), keep the lather close to your scalp and let the extra soapy water take care of your hair. The regular shampoo will dry out and strip your hair; however, the moisturizing shampoo will not. Hair experts recommend soaking your hair and putting a small bit of the cleanser in your palm before adding water and applying it to your strands.
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Slowly massage the solution into your scalp, adding more as needed.

2. Don't Hire A Stylist On The Spot


First and foremost, choose a salon and a stylist that is familiar with waves. Never trim Wavy hair while damp since waves shrink as they dry, and you could wind up with a frizzy bob when all you wanted was a trim. Shaving it causes premature breakage and strange growth patterns. Look for a salon that focuses on softer, fuller styles on Instagram. Make it clear to the hairdresser how you usually wear your hair so they can trim it appropriately. If you straighten your hair frequently, make sure your stylist considers this when cutting your hair – blunt layers look wonderful with wavy hair but don't translate well when flattened out.

Consult your hairstylist for advice. style long hair with your existing cut. She or he will advise you on how to shape it and care for it during the day. They can provide you exclusive advice on the best products for your hair type and how to combine them with your current style. Accept your wavy locks and keep these tips in mind when caring for your hair!

3. Using The wrong Towel

Towel drying hair

When you have waves, fluffy cotton towels are not your friend. Frizz is caused by their thick nature, which damages and roughens hair cuticles. Using a microfiber towel is the best option., which is much gentler and absorbent. Pro tip: Avoid drying your hair upside down or winding it up in a towel since both can cause damage inadvertently.

4. Don't Comb Or Dry Brush Wavy Hair

Dry combing hair

Wavy hair is prone to breakage, so combing it when it's not damp will result in breakage and split ends. If you've ever tried to comb or brush a dry head of hair, you know how difficult it can be. wavy hair, you know what a frizzy mess you will get—using a wide-toothed comb while conditioning in the shower, is your best bet for maintaining the form. Use a fancy water spray or a detangling spray to revive your waves if you wake up with flyaway's or frizz on second-day hair. Then detangle with a moist brush, which will gather the curls rather than brushing them. Curl your hair and let it air dry.

When your hair is wet, never brush it. You can lightly finger-comb your hair while still in the shower if you have conditioner in it. This will evenly distribute the conditioner without pulling on your hair as a brush would. After rinsing thoroughly:

  1. Wrap in a towel.

  2. When your hair is damp, run your brush through it to direct it in the desired manner.

  3. If required, add a small amount of styling product at this time. The locks can then be shaped into a delicate structure around your face using your fingers.

  4. Allow it to dry naturally after that.

Even if you're tempted to save time, don't do it. using a hairdryer, it will damage your hair. Not only is the heat harmful, but it also causes the curls to break up and frizz to rise. If you must use a drier, use a diffuser at the end to reduce the amount of damage to your hair.

When you go out, cover your hair instead of using a lot of hairsprays. Wind and other elements can damage your hair, so make sure it's protected. with a scarf or other seasonally appropriate accessories. Styling products cause greater hair damage and should be used sparingly.

5. Don't Go Against The Wishes Of Your Wavy Hair.

Wavy hair don't care

If there's one thing a wavy girl knows, it's that her hair will do whatever it wants, no matter how hard she tries. Acceptance is the greatest option! It was cut with that in mind if you wear your hair wavy, so the form and texture won't work in a straightened, ultra-smooth style. Instead of using a straightener, use round-brush blowouts or hot rollers to flatten your waves. Use blowouts techniques to your naturally wavy hair structure to produce an under-control, voluminous effect. When wearing an updo, accept the disarray instead of trying to brush out every bump or flaw to look like the ideal, carefree cool chick.

6. Not Using A Diffuser

Diffusing hair

You must be careful how you blow-dry your hair to avoid it seeming like one giant puffball. While air drying is the best approach to protect curls, use a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer if you're in a hurry. Using one of the greatest hair dryers, such as our favorite inexpensive model, can circulate air without interrupting your hair's pattern in conjunction with a diffuser.

7. Leaving A Trim Out

Forgetting to trim hair

Waves that go a little wild can be cute, but they can also be difficult to manage over time. Trimming your hair regularly might help you reduce volume and promote healthy development. Most experts agree that cutting wavy hair while it's damp is a bad idea, so find a hairdresser who understands your particular texture to minimize salon-related styling disasters.


Say goodbye to wavy hair hassles and the problems that come with it when you don't handle it right. Knowing what to avoid when it comes to your precious waves will save you your time, money, and of course, your gorgeous natural waves.