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6 Things to Add to Your Dream House

Designing your dream house is an exciting time. There are so many ways to design your perfect home, and there is definitely no shortage of inspiration. Take some time to figure out what features you would like your house to have. Whether you are planning for the future or currently working on the home design process, here are 6 things to add to your dream house.

1. Lagoon Style Swimming Pool

Every dream home should include a luxury outdoor space. Lagoon Style pools give you a natural, yet lavish addition to your backyard oasis. These pools give a tropical feel, especially when they are designed with rock waterfalls and surrounded by tropical trees and plants. The water in these pools appears to be a crystal blue or a greenish color, which allows them to closely resemble a natural swimming hole or lagoon. This pool style is a must-have for all nature lovers. You can find someone to plan and install a pool like this with a quick internet search of the best pool builders near me.

2. Cinema Room

A movie room is an awesome addition to any home. If you have children, creating a movie room will allow you to spend less time driving to movie theaters, and more time popping some fresh, homemade popcorn. This is also a great space to entertain your guests. There are many ways to design this room, some of which include theming the space, adding a starlit ceiling, and reclinable movie theater seats.

3. Grand Kitchen

Every luxury home needs an elegant kitchen. This includes high ceilings, multiple islands, a lot of counter space, grand cabinets, and a wide variety of other features. The kitchen space is a great area to host gatherings and dinner parties. You will want to make sure that your kitchen is designed to serve your daily needs, as well as your hosting ones.

4. Elaborate Outdoor Space

A pool is a must, especially for the hot summer days, but don’t forget to add a nice outdoor space to your plans. This is a space that can be used to stargaze, eat dinner, relax in nature, spend time with family, and entertain guests. An outdoor space can have a fire pit, a grill, a dining set up, a hot tub, great lighting, seating options, and even a few loungers and/or hammocking set-ups. The possibilities are endless when designing your dream outdoor space.

5. Gym

When you are designing your dream home, adding a personal fitness center is a must. The luxury of having gym equipment in your home is one that only a few get to experience. Anyone can do a home workout on DVD but incorporating a full gym into your home saves you the hassle of driving to the gym and fighting for your favorite machines. You can also incorporate an indoor lap pool into your design and a personal sauna.

6. Library

A home library is a beautiful space to add to your dream home. You can store your current book collection, as well as a new collection of books on your wish list. This can double as a peaceful office space, or simply a place to unwind. If you have children, this could be a great space for them to work on their homework and get their reading time in each day. Overall, these are beautiful spaces that are a must-have in every dream home.


Home décor is a very creative way to express yourself and create the perfect living space. Take your time during the design process of your dream home, as this home will be around for many years. Splurge a bit and add the amenities that you love. Your home should be a space that you love being in, so never settle for something that you don’t quite like. It is always fun to design your dream home years in advance, as it gives you the inspiration and motivation to work hard and save.

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