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6 Things You Can Do to Make It Easier to Sell Your Home in 2019

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If you think you'll be putting your home on the market this year, you might be wondering what trends will be affecting your ability to sell your property. While your local real estate agent can guide you in following trends in your area, there are a few tips that you should always try to follow. These suggestions can help you boost the market value of your home, while also helping you attract more buyers to your property.


Put On a Big Show

In recent years, millennials and other home buyers have placed a higher emphasis on homes with plenty of floor space. For this reason, real estate agents are urging sellers to find ways to make rooms seem bigger and more spacious. Some home sellers take this advice a step too far and move all of their furniture out of the home, believing empty rooms will look bigger.


Unfortunately, this is rarely true, especially where small rooms are concerned. By leaving a few pieces of furniture in the room and eliminating clutter, you can showcase the room in a better light. If it still seems cramped, try hanging a few mirrors on the walls.


Be Competitive in Pricing Your Home

When you begin the process of selling your home, you probably already have a good idea of what you want to get for it. Maybe you want to sell it for 10% more than the price you paid for it, or you might want the sale price to reflect the repairs and updates you put into the home. If there are few homes similar to yours on the market, that might be possible, but, if your home is just one of many, you might have to be a little more flexible. Checking out similar homes on the market and selling your home for a little less will help you appeal to more buyers.


Appeal to Your Buyers

When a real estate agent advises sellers to appeal to buyers in their market, the seller often assumes that means making the home welcoming. They throw delicate doilies on the end tables, hang frilly curtains on all the windows, and bake fresh goods for each open house. While those things aren't necessarily bad, they're not really appealing to anyone's interests either. As a home seller, you're much better off spending that money on repairs and updates. A fresh coat of paint will get you much further than your grandmother's oatmeal cookie recipe.


Don't Take Renovations Too Far

Some home owners go all out and virtually rebuild their homes with modern updates. Before you take on any big projects, however, you should seek the advice of a real estate agent or an appraiser. For example, installing a new swimming pool may not be the worthwhile investment you believe. Before you begin searching for pool builders in Santa Rosa Beach, consult an appraiser and find out how much value a pool will add to your home. If it will only add $20,000 in value, but the total cost of installing the pool is $35,000, this might not be a wise investment.


Pack and Store Non-Essentials

While you do want to keep your furniture around for perspective, most other things should be packed up into boxes. If it's at all possible, you may want to rent a self-storage facility and move those boxes into the unit. Buyers are more open to homes that are free of clutter, because the freed up space makes it easier to envision themselves living there. This can also help you after a sale has been completed, because you'll be able to vacate the home more easily. The storage space can help you transition into a new home with less of a hassle.


These are just a few tips that are common, regardless of the market in which you're trying to sell your home. While there may be more things you can do to appeal to buyers in your specific market, these suggestions are common trends throughout the country. For more suggestions, consult your real estate agent and study new home listings in your neighborhood.

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