6 Things you should definitely know before buying a gold coin

6 Things you should definitely know before buying a gold coin
6 Things you should definitely know before buying a gold coin

Since time immemorial, man’s quest for valuable metals and precious stones has been the source of wars. Gold and silver are the two most sought-after metals in human history. People in India have a special inclination for purchasing gold. It is seen as an auspicious metal and is a must for any pious occasions. Most people try to buy gold during festivals like Diwali. It has been mentioned in the religious scriptures that purchasing valuable metals on such auspicious days will pave the path for the Goddess Lakshmi’s blessing for the entire year. Gifting gold ornaments is a must during weddings and other festivals. Apart from this, people also see purchasing gold as a sound investment policy. International economic market trends show that the value of gold will only go up in the near future. Selling your gold during those days will fetch more returns. So, it is the perfect time for you to invest money in gold as per your financial capability.

Offline and online purchase of gold

Earlier, a gold enthusiast had to go to the jewelry makers to purchase gold. Golden ornaments come with a significant price tag. If you don’t have the budget to purchase bigger pieces, the best option is to invest in gold coins. These are comparatively cheaper but offer the same return value. All one has to do is check the gold coin price, and capitalize as much as possible. All gold sellers and ornament makes have a variety of gold coins for interested buyers. These traditional shops were the only places where one could purchase gold. But thanks to the launch of online stores like Tata Cliq, you can book similar items from virtually. Once the booking is confirmed, and the payment is made, the coin will be delivered to your address.

Tips for purchasing gold coins and bars

  1. Confirm the quality of the gold coins – You will fail to get the actual worth of the gold coins or jewelry while reselling it if its quality is not up to the mark. It takes special skills and experience to judge the quality of the gold coins. Quality of gold coins means the level of purity of the items. Fineness and Karat are the two elements, which ensure the purity of the gold items. Any item with the 24 KT or Karat mark means that it is made of the purest gold. Another parameter is the fineness of the precious metal. Presence of alloys or other metals in the gold will lower the percentage of fineness. Certified stores will be able to guarantee the purity of your gold coin.
  2. Check the price – Whether you are buying coins from the traditional stores or online portals, check and compare the gold coin price properly. Tata Cliq is a portal that offers various kinds of gold coins and bars. These are ideal for personal possession and as gift items. Each item has its price mentioned alongside the other details. On purchasing gold coins or bars from this site, you will be able to save a lot of money. Buyers can avail anything between 10% and 20% discount on the prices.
  3. Hallmarking certificate – The hallmark sign and certification hugely impact the purity and cost of the gold items. Any gold coin or jewelry that has the Hallmark will cost you more. Before you make the final purchase, check the Hallmark sign. It has been made mandatory by the Indian Government. This mark is a way to safeguard the interest and investment of common people. This mark will also be given for golden items which are made of 14KT, 18KT and 22KT gold.
  4. Return and refund policies – Whether you are purchasing a gold coin from the traditional shop or a portal like Tata Cliq, you need to get information about the return and refund policies. The seller controls the return and refund policies. These may vary from one seller to another. Thus, reading these policies will eliminate unnecessary issues.
  5. Making charges – The overall cost of the gold ornaments, coins and bars depend on the value of the metal in the international market. Apart from this, the total sum you need to shell out will also depend on the making charges. The making cost of gold coins and ornaments are relative.
  6. Denominations – The gold coin price will also depend on the weight of the gold. If the coin has more gold, then the price will go up. Checking the weight of the gold coin is a must before making the final purchase. The tradition seller will measure the item in front of you in a special weighing machine. If you desire to purchase items from the online stores, then you will get the quantity in the product description section. Many gold sellers have their products listed on Tata Cliq. The portal authority checks the background of the sellers to ensure that customers get pure gold coins. All these dealers have a high standing in the market. Thus, you need not worry about the soundness of your investments.

Purchasing gold coins and bars will not break the bank. When the time comes, you can either sell these to get liquid cash. According to https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/lear-capital , another alternative is to melt these and make gold ornaments during any bridal occasions. Regular investment in gold will pave the path for bigger returns. Thus, it is the right time to save money and purchase gold coins.

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