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6 Things You Shouldn't Forget To Do Immediately After A Car Accident

6 Things You Shouldnt Forget To Do Immediately After A Car Accident

New York City is well-known for its crazy driving-drive in the city for 5 minutes to know that it isn’t a rumor! The streets are packed with motor vehicles, pedestrians, and daily commutes are in so much rush. But, does this relate to a number of car accidents in NYC?


Yes, it does! Between March 2014 and April 2015, there were 223, 141 collisions in New York City, resulting in chronic injury or death. Moreover, with 1.4 million NYC households owning a car, you can imagine how significantly this number contributes to the road accident fatalities in NYC.


Though you can’t always avoid the mishap, you can minimize the aftermath. For this, it’s crucial to know what to do immediately after a car crash, if you ever get involved in one. So, let’s get started!


Check For The Injuries, And Call 911

Broken glasses, disoriented drivers, leaking fluids-car accidents are quite messy! However, despite this chaos, you need to stop at the scene as soon as possible. First, check if anyone is injured.


Then, call 911 and report the accident, describing the location, injuries, accident, etc. If you and the other passengers are able to walk, don’t assume that you are OK. There might be a hidden injury you can’t find right now!


Even if the other driver is more injured than you, it’s crucial to call an ambulance. 


Photograph The Scene

Avoid further injury by moving your car out of the traffic. However, bear in mind that trying to drive the damaged car may expose you to additional injuries. Thus, before you begin to push or drive the vehicle, use your phone to take pictures. 


Focus more on the obstacles, like lamp posts, trash cans, visible damage of the car, and car's position with respect to the sidewalk, buildings, etc. 


Talk To The Opposite Party For Contact Information

Exchange information, such as the names, phone numbers, workplace details, addresses, etc. with the other driver. Also, talk to the witnesses of the accident, and note their names, contact details.


Inform Your Insurance Company About The Accident

The next important thing to do is to report the accident to your insurance company. You can ask for a no-fault insurance application to cover the medical expenses or other car repair costs. 


Go to the authorized dealer or repair shop to get an estimate of the repair costs. It’s necessary to submit the insurance claim within 30 days of the accident. It will help preserve your right to seek compensation for the injuries, lost wages, or other costly expenses.


Consider Filing A Court Lawsuit

If you get no success in settling the car accident injury claim or property damage, consider filing a lawsuit. It’s best to hire a car accident lawyer in NYC, who will help you to get fair compensation. 


You may think that you can handle it all yourself. However, by hiring a professional car accident lawyer, you have someone by your side who knows how to get the things done professionally. They will guide you through the entire litigation process, as well as the insurance claims.


Keep Copies Of All The Records

Car accidents aren’t always obvious. Chronic injuries, such as the neck, knee, or back injuries, take some time to appear. Thus, go to the doctor, describe all your symptoms. If needed, request referrals to the physical therapists, as well. 


Also, don’t forget to keep copies of the record. You can even start a diary and write the details of how the injuries interfere with your life. Show all this evidence to your car accident attorney to know the best legal options for the compensation.

These are some of the things you should do immediately after being involved in a car accident. It will help your insurance agent and car accident attorney to find the best way to get the compensation you deserve.

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