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6 Tips for Improving Your Business's Coding Processes

Coders are always innovating and refining their skills in writing programs. Your business will greatly benefit from ensuring your coding processes are streamlined, refined and modern. Here are six tips for improving your business's coding processes.

1. Use an Instruction Format

An instruction format tool such as Web Assembly is an incredibly useful tool for structuring and formatting your code. These tools are multi-faceted, but their main use is to help you format programming languages much more quickly and efficiently than a coder could do manually. Web Assembly, for example, uses a binary instruction. This allows you to create server side and web-based applications based on a pre-existing format rather than from scratch.

2. Prioritize Production Efficiency

One of the most important aspects of coding processes is production efficiency. You need your production pipeline and all your projects to stay on schedule to keep your customers satisfied and to keep their software up-to-date. You should review your coding processes and workflows with production efficiency in mind. Think about where there are slowdowns and stopgaps. Work with your coders and developers to brainstorm ways to smooth out and streamline your processes and workflows.

3. Stay Updated on Coding Trends and Regulations

Making sure you stay updated on the trends and regulations related to coding in your industry and in general is one of the best ways you can make sure your coding processes are adequate. You should review your current systems and try to compare them to those of similar organizations to see where you're meeting or exceeding standards and where you may need to make adjustments or improvements. Make sure you have access to the most current resources and that your codes and coding processes are in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.

4. Automate Workflows

Automation can be leveraged very well in coding processes. You can employ tools such as code editors and monitoring systems to help your coders speed up their work and review their codes more efficiently and accurately. Many organizations are also leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning applications to further automate these processes. An AI algorithm can be used to automatically edit and debug code or even to write simple code, which can take much of the burden of coding basics off your developers so they can focus on more complex or creative projects.

5. Allow Coders To Innovate

Coders tend to always be seeking ways to innovate their workflows and their processes. This tendency and their training in problem-solving and critical thinking means they're well-equipped to improve existing programs and develop new ones, but you can also leverage this resource to improve your coding processes. Since your coders are the ones most familiar with your coding processes, you should allow them to take a look at your processes, provide feedback on what works and where improvements can be made and develop ideas for how your coding processes can be updated.

6. Work with Experts in the Fields Related to Your Programs

Experts in various fields, while not necessarily knowledgeable about coding or programming, can provide plenty of insight on what they need from a certain program or code. If your developers can meet with them and learn what they would like to see out of your software products, you can adjust your coding process to better facilitate those needs. For example, a physician may need his or her record keeping program to be able to autofill sections with complex medical jargon, which a standard program might not know or be able to learn. Your coders can then focus on incorporating more AI into these programs.


Keep in mind that improving your coding processes isn't a single project with a hard end date. You should periodically review your processes and compare them to current trends and regulations in your industry and in the industries your business's software serves. If you notice your coding processes lagging, then it's time to reassess and work on updating again.

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