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6 Tips for Preparing HVAC for Winters

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Winter months are long and cold. During this period, you need to be warm and comfortable. That is why you need an excellent HVAC system for your home. When you already have one, you need to prepare the unit right before the cold season hits. You need proper heating and cooling in Louisville, KY solutions so that you can prepare your HVAC system well. Doing so will keep you warm throughout the whole cold season. You do not have to worry about the unit stops working in the middle of the cold month. 

Tips To Prepare Your HVAC System for the winters

When you have decided to prepare the HVAC system of your home, there are several tips that you need to take a look at. With the help of these tips, you can easily prepare your heating and cooling unit for the upcoming winter seasons. Look below!

Replace The Air Filter: When the season becomes hot to cold, it's time for you to change the filter. Doing so will help clean up your home, HVAC, and the ductwork and prepare your unit for the seasonal transitions. Replacing the air filter will take around 5-seconds. It will increase the productivity of your AC by 15%. When there is a clean filter within your home, you will receive plenty of benefits through it. 

Buy an Upgrade: The best time of the year to take a day off from the cooling and heating is fall. It's because, during the fall, the temperature is pretty mild, which means it's not too cold or hot. So, the weather stands out as the best time to replace the HVAC unit for the winter. Imagine what would have happened if you tried to replace the AC during the summer heat or winter. There is no need to put your family and yourself through such discomfort. 

Warm up the HVAC Unit: The comfort system of your home will benefit when you utilize it regularly. It's because it helps in keeping the system loose and the motor hot. That is the same principle, which gets applied to the human body, appliances, and vehicles. When your HVAC system is idle and not running, it's not a good sign. It will take a bit of time to operate again, for which you need to warm up the system several weeks before you use it for the winter season.

Double-Check The Belt: There is a belt located inside the HVAC system, which is known to power the blower to move the air through the outdoor compressor. You must check this belt to find any issues or problems, as it plays a vital part in your HVAC system. You might encounter cracks on the belt, and you replace it with a new one. The belts are said to wear out over time, especially in places with a hot and humid climate.

Investigate The Vents: The vents in your home is something that goes unnoticed. It stands out as a vital piece of your HVAC system. It would help if you ensured that the vents get blocked by furniture or any other thing. When the ducts are blocked, it will obstruct the airflow. Poor airflow will put a lot more pressure on your HVAC system to pump the air. That will stress out the entire unit. To make sure such situations do not occur, take a look at the vents before preparing the HVAC system. 

Clean Up The Air Ducts: Even when you have the best quality filters, the air ducts in your home will contain mold, dust, allergens, and many other contaminants. When you turn the heater on, these contaminants will react with the heat, and their impacts will become much more severe than you think. That is why having them cleaned will be the right thing to do. The fall season is the best time to clean up the air ducts, which will ensure that the ducts are all set for the heating system. 

Things You Must Keep A Check On When Preparing The HVAC System

You must take a look at many things when you prepare the unit for the cold season. The most important thing you need to take care of is to schedule maintenance for the HVAC system. You must get in touch with a qualified and certified HVAC technician. They will inspect all the areas of your unit. They will provide you with information about the potential or severe issues within your HVAC system. The technician will also tell you whether you need to replace the entire system or some of its components.

Another thing you need to do is test the HVAC system, whether it's working or not. If it does, examine all the areas while it keeps on running. Then you can decide on replacing and fixing things.

The Summary!


The HVAC system within your home is ideal for the winter seasons. So, if you want the unit to function well during the cold winter nights, you can contact the professionals from Mitch Craig Heating & Cooling. They will help in preparing the HVAC system of your home with no issues.

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