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6 Tips for using Animation in Your Presentations


Are you looking to make your presentation animated? Well, there are those who hardly use any animation or transition effects which makes their slides boring. Then there are those who will too much. But before you add the animation, you should bear in mind that animation can be used to capture the attention of the audience and also to send across better your message. With modern presentation tools, everything inside the slides can get animated. In this way, you can create a visual storytelling experience. This post will give you some posts about how to create animated PowerPoint presentations:

1. Avoid Using Too Much Animation

You should keep the animation to the minimum. You should make sure that it is not overpowering the message or the visual impact. It is easy to put in extra things in the presentation software, but you should not go overboard.

2. Consistency Is Very Much Needed

When you add animation to the various elements in the slides, you should be consistent in your approach and about the choices that you are going to make. It is advisable that you should stick to two or three kinds of animation. You can easily imagine the impression which the different kind of animation applied to various elements will look like. It means to say that you should avoid using awkward looking animations.

3. Make the Information Easy To Understand

You should make sure that the animation effects follow the direction of the content. You can choose from top to bottom or from one side to the other. But the effect should be such that it calls the attention to the key points in the slide.

4. Flow of Animation Need Your Attention

When you are designing the slides and are trying to add the animation, you should think the way the audience looks at it.  It would help you in adding the effects accordingly. You can add great animations to the parts which need more attention and less to the elements which contain the content.

5. Learn How to ‘Engage’ and ‘Disengage’ the Audience

You should know about perceptual psychology when you are animating a presentation. The audience can get engaged with the presentation, or they can sift through it. Once they are done, they get disengaged. When we see something at first, we engage in finding out what is it. If the element has animation, we will shift our attention to it and maintain the focus on the object. When slide move, we disengage. When you are creating animation, you can manipulate the attention of the audience and engage, shift, or disengage.

6. Some Do’s and Don’ts

You can use the transition if it helps tell the story.  If it guides the audience through the presentation, you should use the presentation. But you should refrain from using the animation it doesn’t add any value to the presentation.


When you are creating animated PowerPoint presentations, you should make the best use of these tips, and you will have the best one with you.

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